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 "Young October" Program 2018

The Youth Council of the City of Totana has organized, with the inestimable collaboration of the youth associations of the municipality, the program "Young October", which will be concentrated next weekend from 19 to 21 of this month, with a wide range of activities aimed at this sector of the population.

The councilor of the branch, Inmaculada Blázquez, has recently presented this list of activities promoted by her department, with which it is intended to promote and develop alternatives to leisure and free time during weekends.

In addition, this program aims to promote and promote artistic and musical creation among young people, as well as encouraging youth and associative participation in all areas, providing adequate means and resources.

Among the activities that will be performed include concerts, graffiti and skate exhibitions and a charity street market, in which workshops, games and other youth initiatives will be held.

The activities will take place during this next weekend, and will be concentrated in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" and on the side of it, on the Rambla de La Santa avenue.

The concerts are organized by the "Kolectiv Algarrobo" Association, in the municipal auditorium Marcos Ortiz;

and will be on Friday, October 19 (10:30 pm), with the performance of the "RED GLOBE" groups and several rap groups;

and on Saturday, October 20 (10:30 pm), with the participation of the groups "LIONNES" (African reggae), "X DECIDIR" (rock - metal) and "mez-ka" (rock punk skap).

In addition, the program includes the Skateboard and Graffiti Exhibition, organized by the "Ministers of the Air" Association, on the side of the Rambla municipal park, on Saturday, October 20.

The exhibition and the skateboard workshop and the graffiti workshop will be carried out by eight graffiti writers of recognized national prestige;

and both activities will start at 11:00 am and throughout the day.

One of the attractions of the "Young October" is the celebration of the "Mercadillo Solidario de Asociaciones", which will have the participation of associations of the municipality.

To date, the associations "PONICLUB Los Almendros", "Murcia Acoge", "ASBA", IES Juan de la Cierva Student Association, "PADISITO", "Refugio del Viento";

although the term ends on Monday October 15 and can still submit applications interested entities at the headquarters of the Youth Council, in the Sociocultural Center "La Cárcel".

In this regard, it is reported that on Saturday morning the assembly of the exhibitors will take place;

and from 17:00 hours, the official opening of the market will take place.

In addition, it will remain open on Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., respectively.

During this, the participating associations will carry out various creative workshops, crafts, play games, among others, for all attendees and visitors.

Finally, the councilor thanked the collaboration to all the associations that participate in the activities and that have made possible the realization of the same;

and encouraged the young people to participate and meet at the scheduled initiatives.


"Young October" Program 2018 - 1

"Young October" Program 2018 - 2

14/10/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana /


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