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The political positioning of the Now Totana Platform is demanded, on the part of some and of others, in a public and private way, that will not delay in making public the benefactor of the humanity for its greater glory and splendor, on the matter of different problematic that They are giving in Totana, as the theme of the Shopping Center, the AVE or the High Voltage Line.

Do those poisoned darts seek to enter into the deception, usually used by all parties, to politicize the situation, thus leaving other ways of solving the problems that concern us very limited?

Now Totana is not yet constituted as a group of electors, and they are already asking for solutions to problems that the incompetence of some, or what is worse, the ignorance of others, have provoked.

Politicians are the only ones responsible for current situations, both those who are and those who do not.

Now a battle is unleashed with a clear good and skilful manipulation, to sign the both before the political adversary, in a stratagem in which the only losers are citizens who see their heritage endangered.

It is the politicians, all politicians, the responsibility to know in advance the consequences of their decisions, and do not deceive us by positioning themselves now, that they had to consider before, when they did not know or did not want to, look for the best solution for his neighbors.

However, our position is now clear and will always remain so, because we are not subject to discipline or instructions from anyone, except the neighbors of our city, with whom we are without fissures.

We do not know if at this moment it is possible to modify the layout of the AVE, we do not have elements to assess which solution would be better, but what we do know is that this change is produced by unequivocally economic issues, and from that conviction we would demand that case of no another solution is possible, the maximum benefit for the affected families is sought, if there is money for the burial in Murcia, there must be money to compensate in a fair and more than generous way, the sacrifice that these families would have to make.

Meanwhile, with the affected citizens, but without acrimony.


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8/8/2018 Source: Plataforma Ahora Totana


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