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 The European program Creative Europe rewards ASBA

The Association of Friends of the Archaeological Site of La Bastida (ASBA), in the municipality of Totana (Murcia), has been selected for its collective project Crafting Europe in the Bronze Age and Today ("Building Europe in the Bronze Age and Today") , or CRAFTER, which will receive a subsidy of 104,760.52 euros from the European agency EACEA.

The call for the "Creative Europe" grants program for European cooperation projects related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (AEPC 2018), is intended to promote the European cultural heritage, with shared resources, promoting awareness of the European history and art and their common values.

The project led by ASBA is a cooperation between eight organizations (research institutions, museums and non-profit associations) of five European countries: Spain, Holland, Germany, Hungary and Serbia.

Its objective is to revive the traditional pottery, taking as inspiration the ceramic productions of the European Bronze Age.

Four very relevant prehistoric cultures will be represented: El Argar (southeast of Spain), Únetice (Central Europe), Füzesabony (eastern Hungary) and Vatin (southern Serbia).

To achieve this goal, a series of actions will be carried out, which will begin in 2018 and will take place until the end of 2019.

Of the 77 international projects submitted to the call, the European Program has selected 29. In addition to Spain, the winning countries include Portugal, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland and the United Kingdom. United.

ASBA and the cooperative LaFundició, of l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, are the coordinating organizations of the only two projects selected with Spanish leadership.

Among the partners of ASBA's CRAFTER project, there are two more Spanish entities, the Mula Town Hall and the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

The other five partner organizations are the City of Paracin Museum (Serbia), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Déri Museum in Debrecen (Hungary), the association EXARC (The Netherlands) and the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle (Germany).

ASBA is an association founded in 2013, in response to a context of lower public investment in culture at the regional level.

Among its founding partners are professional archaeologists and passionate about Prehistory, united with the aim of spreading a greater knowledge of the archaeological site of La Bastida, in Totana, and the so-called culture of El Argar (2200-1550 BCE) , in addition to supporting research and promoting the protection of archaeological heritage.

Among other activities developed in recent years, ASBA provided the service of guided visits at the site of La Bastida to the City of Totana, through the awarding of different temporary contracts, from February 2015 to May 2017. Among its achievements were It also includes the gestation of the "Sierra Espuña Argaric Route" (, a project funded by European funds that links archaeological research to cultural tourism and local and regional commerce.


The European program Creative Europe rewards ASBA - 1

The European program Creative Europe rewards ASBA - 2

2/7/2018 Source: ASBA


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