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 The creation of a Technical Table for the Social Promotion of Children and Adolescents in the municipality of Totana is approved

The Local Government Board has recently approved the creation of a Technical Board for the Social Promotion of Children and Adolescents in the municipality of Totana, initially composed of technicians from the councils of Social Welfare, Sports, Education, Employment, Equality, Youth, Citizen Participation and Citizen Security.

In addition, it is proposed to determine in the framework of this Technical Board the development of joint actions aimed at promoting alternatives for reconciling work and family life, free time, etc., as well as the prevention of risk situations and the promotion of this sector of the population to improve their level of social welfare.

The proposal is on the initiative of the Mayor's Office and it is intended to identify the most relevant needs and problems affecting the Childhood and Adolescence of Totana, as well as the integration of the actions developed by the City in this matter.

Likewise, a proposal for planning and development, where appropriate, of action priorities is promoted;

the articulation of the City Council with the existing resources in the social context with scope of action in the sector of childhood and adolescence, giving participation to them when it is considered necessary.

In the exercise of its functions, the Technical Committee for the Social Promotion of Children and Adolescents will have the autonomy necessary for the development of their daily work, reporting to policy makers in each area for the adoption of decisions they compete.

This initiative is carried out after different municipal services have maintained, during the last year, different working meetings of politicians and municipal technicians with other resources of the municipality (IES, Health Center, etc.) in which, a Based on specific situations, concrete needs that are common to broad sectors of childhood and adolescence in the municipality have been raised and identified.

Some examples of these needs refer to the scarcity or insufficiency of resources for reconciling work and family life, in which context there are cases of lack of attention or supervision that give rise to situations of inadequate coverage of needs (rest time, feeding, accompaniment, educational activities, etc.) that in some cases turn into situations of deprivation of minors.

Other needs are related to the difficulties of numerous families so that their minor children have access to leisure and free time resources in the vicinity of the neighborhood or its vicinity, where they can carry out sports, recreational and leisure activities, among others.

It also detects the need to have more diversity of offers related to leisure and weekend departures, in safe and healthy environments to respond to the needs of shared leisure and social relationship of the adolescent and young population.

From the City Hall and the councilors promoters are sensitive to the situation of risk that are many children of Totana, many of them already in adolescent age, who are living situations of loneliness, in environments of vulnerability, manifesting attitudes and behaviors that hinder their proper development, sometimes risking their own physical integrity.


8/6/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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