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  • The VI Christmas Fair and the Gift of the Avenida de Lorca is celebrated this weekend, from December 15 to 17 (12/12/2017)

  • Users of the day centers for the disabled make delivery to the Merchants' Association of the Christmas decorations that will uniformly decorate the establishments attached to this entity (12/12/2017)

  • The assistance contract for demolitions and excavations and pavement restitution for the Municipal Water Service (12/12/2017)

  • Tomorrow, December 13, there will be an official act to present the Leader aids call in the plenary hall (12/12/2017)

  • Ganar Totana will present two initiatives to the plenary session to increase the number of personnel at both the Fire Department and the Civil Guard (12/12/2017)

  • De Rosa wins the float parade of the patron festivities (11/12/2017)

  • The solemn Eucharist is celebrated in honor of the Patron Saint of Totana coinciding with her onomastics on her first day in the parish church of Santiago (10/12/2017)

  • Civil Protection recommends not to accede to the parks and gardens of Totana before the wind storm that will hit the Region in the next hours (10/12/2017)

  • Natural Environment authorizes the ignition of gaseous and vegetable fuel fires, the latter exclusively in the infrastructures of fixed character, coinciding with the two pilgrimages of La Santa (07/12/2017)

  • The safety and emergency device of the downhill pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia will consist of about fifty troops. (07/12/2017)

  • Participation of the CAT in the Race of the Constitution 2017 (07/12/2017)

  • Emergency services come to attend to a wounded in a motorcycle accident in Totana (07/12/2017)

  • Each one grants grants of 5,000 euros to Cáritas Parroquial de Santiago and the Three Hail Marys (07/12/2017)

  • The formative actions of computer science and personal, social and labor competences are started with the participation of 64 unemployed people (05/12/2017)

  • Totana will host the 1st Canine Contest at the old school "La Cruz" on December 16, with numerous prizes in the different categories (05/12/2017)

  • The City Council will sign two collaboration agreements with the associations "Agrupación Musical de Totana" and "Amigos de la Música de El Paretón" for the year 2017 (05/12/2017)

  • Record of participation in the School Sports Chess Local Phase, with a total of 84 students, with a total of 84 students (05/12/2017)

  • Caritas concludes with success the 5th Great Food Collection "Cuento Contigo" (04/12/2017)

  • AELIP presents the renewal of its website that has been developed by Superweb and (04/12/2017)

  • News 04/12/2017 (04/12/2017)

  • The City Council and the Peñas de Carnaval Federation are going to sign a collaboration agreement (04/12/2017)

  • Ganar Totana presents an initiative to the plenary to support the demands of the Federation of Music Bands of the Region of Murcia (04/12/2017)

  • The group of friends of the mountain "Kasi Ná Trail" celebrated its third anniversary last Saturday (04/12/2017)

  • Fernando Cabrera, of the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia, 3rd in the Cyclocross of Mazarrón (04/12/2017)

  • Proposes to request a Mobile Unit of the Atmospheric Surveillance Network of the Region of Murcia to assess air quality (04/12/2017)

  • The CAT athletes start the month of December with a double podium (03/12/2017)

  • News 03/12/2017 (03/12/2017)

  • Javier Peñas, from the Totana Triathlon Club, participated in the Falco Trail 2017 (03/12/2017)

  • They propose to initiate the procedures to elaborate an ordinance that regulates the authorization and creation of cemeteries for pets in Totana (03/12/2017)

  • Socialist Youth of Totana makes a tribute to its president of honor Laureano Molino (03/12/2017)

  • Citizens bet to keep the university researchers of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in La Bastida (02/12/2017)

  • Citizens bet to keep the university researchers of the Autonomous University of Barcelona in La Bastida (02/12/2017)

  • "The economic management model led by Ganar Totana IU gives results" (02/12/2017)

  • Emergency services have not been able to save the life of an injured motorcyclist in Totana (02/12/2017)

  • Registration deadline to participate in the Popular Race "Constitution Day" ends today (01/12/2017)

  • Tomorrow will take place the Local Chess Phase of School Sports, in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (01/12/2017)

  • They promote a public awareness campaign to prohibit the sale and consumption of alcohol to minors under the age of 18. (01/12/2017)

  • The Municipal Library "Mateo García" organizes the IV Literary Contest "Morerica Galán" (01/12/2017)

  • Next week the weekly market of Totana is ahead of Tuesday and that of El Paretón-Cantareros on Thursday of the festivities (01/12/2017)

  • The PSOE de Totana joins, today, December 1, to the commemoration of the World Day to Combat AIDS (01/12/2017)



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