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 The Socialists denounced "the incoherence of the mayor to keep eight councilors released"

The Municipal Socialist Party spokesman has criticized "the waste of the city of Totana, despite being one of the most ruined of Spain, is also maintaining a higher proportion of council members receiving a salary of city hall"

Juan Fco Otálora through a press release says that "the eight councilors PP council charged them totaneros is costing more than 60 million pesetas."

"If a normal economic situation it would be an excessive amount of political gathering of the council, we are now in ruins is a real nonsense to maintain that status because the council never had so many councilors released and never released councilors won both money, "he also said.

Otalora said that "the norm in other legislatures has been that it has released the mayor and a councilman, and always according to the economic possibilities of city hall. In addition there was the fact that the salaries of the mayor or council members were quite liberated moderate. In particular the last Socialist mayor had a salary of just 1,500 euros and 1,200 euros just over the council released. Now the mayor has a salary of over $ 3,000 a month clean. "

He has also said that "no neighbor can understand how that is considered one of the most ruined city councils of Spain, is the one that has a higher proportion of council released. In particular there are eight that totaneros salaries paid to council members of the PP, either full or part time. "

For the Socialist councilor "has no meaning to the crisis by passing the country, Totana, and especially the economic situation of the municipality, the PP does not adopt the agreement without their council released, and thus set an example for citizens of austerity. "

Juan Fco Otálora has insisted that "if the PSOE in the past defended the release of the mayor and some councilors, governors who govern at the moment have to be austere and lead by example.

"This is why the Socialist Municipal Group has taken the initiative to propose several measures to regular plenary session of March in order to save on spending and to restructure the economy of the town hall.

This is not a fad, or an action against anyone, much less populist and disqualify trafficking Andreo, but a sensible proposal and necessary for the short term to avoid a complete collapse of the accounts of the council "has also said Otálora .

He concluded by stating that "the Socialist Party had already announced for years that the mismanagement and waste prevailed in the PP, the mayor has refused until very recently."

"I'm convinced that if the measures proposed by the Municipal Socialist Group, in a few months the economic situation of the municipality will be catastrophic," aspostilló.


The Socialists denounced "the incoherence of the mayor to keep eight councilors released" - 1

17/3/2010 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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