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 They offer a number of useful recommendations to homeowners primary residence that left for vacation

The Department of Public Safety, through the Municipal Civil Protection Service of Totana, offers a number of useful recommendations to the homeowners primary residence that leave because of the summer holiday period.

These tips include, in the case of housing, access to ensure that homes meet the minimum conditions of security (security doors, gates and alarm systems).

If the windows overlook inner courtyards, keep in mind that can be hidden from view of neighbors and therefore have little risk for thieves.

They should always be closed and locked the door of the house, even when it briefly.

Lost keys, change locks, also avoiding indication never put your name or address on your keychain.

Also if you took a home where other people previously lived.

Do not close the shutters when away from home, leave a light on or the radio without disturbing the neighborhood, stop hanging clothes and, if possible, set a timer that allows turn on and off lights at certain times.

With these measures will avoid evidence that there is nobody inside.

If you have voicemail, do not leave any message that can be deduced that will be out for a few days.

Avoid spreading to be away from home for the weekend or holidays, and during long absences, ask a family member or friend pick up mail from the mailbox periodically to prevent accumulation.

Tell how to locate and, if it considers it provide an old set of keys that would be very useful in an emergency.

Moreover, it reminds the desirability of closing the water valves and gas to avoid any problems of this sort and deliver the pet to adequate or someone you trust before you leave them in public.

The person who owns stolen facilitate their identification and recovery if you have a detailed inventory with serial numbers, brands or models, and even photographs of your valuables, as well as mark their objects with a sign, for example, the DNI an inconspicuous place.

For when people are walking, is recommended to go on the sidewalk opposite the flow direction and far enough from the curb to see vehicles approaching you to avoid surprises in the back.

If wearing bag is recommended to take the side closest to the inside of the sidewalk, to avoid jerks and not be used alone or poorly lit locations and to use white, light reflective and if possible to lower the intensity when light, being seen as far as possible.


16/6/2009 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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