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 Martínez Usero "Totana is the municipality of the region that has received more money proportionately Zapatero Plan"

Councilman began saying in a statement that "in Murcia and are being financed 151 projects of which 13 are in Totana, which represents 9% of the total."

He said "Totana is part of the 16 municipalities that are receiving funds from the Plan Zapatero and that these contributions are made not from project to project together."

The Socialist councilor also said Totana, behind the big cities of Murcia and Cartagena is the third municipality in terms of total money received and it stood at 561,108, 61 €, which according to the council represents more than 10% of the total money has come to Murcia from the central government.

Makes clear that the Zapatero government is doing and in less than 3 months since he took Totana aid has received more than half a million euros and is sure this week will be fought over money.

He recounted the works that have received 70% of the money they are: street lighting in the way of the soap makers in the way of the Yesares.

Paving the way of deposits of the roller, the way the garden of Don Luis the source, the path of Merla's way of The Turret, paving the way of Hawthorn, Purgatory Road, the road width, road of hops, the path of modest daughter, road from new road to the road from the house of Don Luis and the sewerage network in the deputation of Lebor.

Martinez emphasizes Usero to contractors that "require the money due to them because in the economic situation in the City would not be surprising that one advantage of the box which governs the municipal coffers, she is diverting this money to make other payments ".

Just criticizing the attitude of unfairness of local governments that are dedicated exclusively to boycott all dedicated central government measures to create jobs. "


Martínez Usero "Totana is the municipality of the region that has received more money proportionately Zapatero Plan" - 1

30/3/2009 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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