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 The plenary session yesterday was for socialists golden opportunity that the mayor has lost to revitalize the consensus and solve problems totaneros

The Municipal Socialist Group spokesperson has valued the two successive plenary sessions and one regular one special session for February, which concluded yesterday Totana corporation, for the socially responsible, "the mayor continues to straying, occupied only in his personal political revenge, twitching coexistence between groups and throwing balls out without taking responsibility. "

Juan Fco Otálora took stock of the First Extraordinary Plenary convened at 8:30 am "and that the mayor expected to air in half an hour, although it has stretched almost two."

"The Nationalists have not entered into any time to discuss the proposals before the serious problems being faced by many citizens, said the spokesman, but rather has become to allow spokesman chirigotero tone, concerned only to pin the entire responsibility Zapatero and the crisis without any willingness to address the situation and its consequences among totaneros "he said.

Otalora said that "Valverde has lied consistently and without the slightest blush, which has openly stated that they have no money to pay 27 million euros of debt to suppliers, also have not come to discuss not one of the proposals , but the bulk have disqualified all. "

Socialist spokesman has criticized this attitude as their own only one who has lost his way and has no capacity of government, who are more concerned with solving their problems with the law and concerned to destroy his political rivals. "

Juan Fco Otálora lamented that "the mayor has lost this opportunity to put back on track the relations between political groups and the unity of action in what should be their top concern: solving problems totaneros."

He has also made a cursory review of the resolutions adopted at the regular plenary session which ended almost three in the afternoon.

For the Socialist councilor, "as long meeting was mainly due to the inability of Andreo to moderate these meetings, they can not drive the discussion, or maintain a fair and impartial attitude of the moderator itself should be the mayor."

To Otálora "a number of measures that the mayor has brought to the House are pure filler and should not be subject to such meetings, but it seems that Andrea had no major issues that speak and to strive to surround sessions with issues daily management and internal organization of municipal services. "

The socialist leader said "the responsibility of his group in its attempt to make manageable the institution, have supported 18 of the 25 questions raised in Parliament, but also said that the generosity of the government team is conspicuous by its absence, the never allow a proposal to succeed without opposition amendments that have just a misrepresentation. "

In this regard, he criticized "the opposition of the PP to be subsidizing the meningitis vaccine for children born in Totana, or has a firm commitment to move towards 0.7% in development cooperation, also have refused to reject the lowering of dismissal and job insecurity. "

Otálora also said that "special importance has been the refusal of the PP to reach an agreement between the three political groups in the defense of the Tajo-Segura."

"This is a very difficult, he added, in which the unit was essential, but agriculture Councilman Pagan, has chosen to follow by pandering to the theme of the Ebro, rather than promote a common front in defense of water Tejo, Pagan has a prefix the electoral interests of his party to the interests of irrigators and totaneros, is a historical mistake you will ever need to do "he said.

Socialist spokesman has stressed "the destructive attitude, revenge and inconsistent that the PP has had the debate on the resignation of former minister Bermejo, once they have used to" download all the outbursts and anger that have accumulated since that the mayor spent two months in jail, is accused of eight serious crimes and remains on bail, "said Otalora.

To conclude the Socialist spokesman said that "Andreo must change the chip and stop attacking the opposition as a means of effective defense, to be put to work to his team, which should be sensitive to the problems of being in a totaneros complicated situation, to stop putting their friends, to buy good cars and enjoy a privileged income, because people who are unable to pay your mortgage, loans or are unemployed, they will not understand the irresponsible attitudes of the Mayor ".


The plenary session yesterday was for socialists golden opportunity that the mayor has lost to revitalize the consensus and solve problems totaneros - 1

25/2/2009 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana. Foto:


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