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 The Socialists proposed in Parliament on Tuesday that rates and taxes to subsidize the unemployed.

The Municipal Socialist Party spokesman, Juan Fco Otálora, expressed the concern of socialists by "the precarious living conditions and difficulties of the neighbors who are joining the group of unemployed, and that proportionally represent a number Totana well above the regional average, because the crisis is being fattened in this town who had gambled almost exclusively by construction. "

Otalora said that "his group will take the extraordinary plenary session next Tuesday's proposal to subsidize municipal taxes and charges relating to the movement of vehicles, the contribution rates and water and wastes. The measure would apply to taking the number of family members unemployed and the unemployed have time. "

Socialist spokesman said that "it is a moral duty of all totaneros to those who are faring worse, be supportive and take steps to alleviate as much as possible the difficulties that are happening."

Otálora says that "many families and young couples who are failing to meet the payment of their loans and mortgages, which are in a critical and distressing situation, and that policy makers need to be sensitive to these situations and resolve the real problems of the citizens. "

Socialist leader concluded by saying that "the government team should be the first to set an example that should be lean and lowered salary, which should not lead to their wasteful to totaneros that they are going so bad."

As expected the city government's responsiveness to the PP package that will lead the Socialists in Parliament next Tuesday.


The Socialists proposed in Parliament on Tuesday that rates and taxes to subsidize the unemployed. - 1

22/2/2009 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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