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 The PP reiterates that "the acquisition of new vehicles has not cost a single euro to the residents of Totana and the result of a grant that was exclusively for that purpose"

The Popular Party in Totana has reiterated that "the acquisition of a new vehicle for the City would not have cost or not cost a single euro to the neighbors and is the result of a grant finalist, so that the subject of the call was only the acquisition of this tourism, amounting to 40,000 euros granted in full by the region. "

The CP reports that "vehicle purchase is for the city of Totana and not for the mayor and try to suggest so interested and manipulated by the opposition groups and will expand the fleet that has the Consistory."

They add that "this vehicle, precisely, aiming to save on travel bulletin, the amount of which originate in its entirety and in full of the grant, so it will not cost anything to the municipal coffers."

For the PP, "it" demagogic and opportunistic "IU + LV to try to mix the award of this grant with the economic crisis and the payments to providers when this political party has not provided a single measure to the Plan of Social and Economic Recovery Totana has not made any specific proposal in the Local Employment Council. "

According to PP, "the opposition seem bad all because if you do not receive subsidies is because Martínez Andreo is isolated by the regional government and if granted, do not you think anything right."


16/2/2009 Source: PP Totana


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