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 Press release by the association of employers in the construction of low Guadalentín - AEMC

"In view of the news in The Truth in which the review that entrepreneurs and farmers in Totana want another urban plan, the Business Association Guadalentín UNDER CONSTRUCTION - AEMC - wants to make the following statement:

The Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Cebag), has no authority to speak on behalf of employers in the construction industry (Builders, Developers, sale of materials, self, etc.) from the Bajo Guadalentín, which are most affected for the delay that has Totana PGMOU for various reasons.

Employers who integrate AEMC, from our position of independence from the political power we once again clarify our position on the PGMOU of Totana, which is none other than the approval "soon" with the greatest possible consensus, this position has been endorsed by the Regional Federation of Employers of the Construction of Murcia in the last Governing Council held last July 30, 2008.

After more than a decade of preparation of the Plan and at this juncture, it is more necessary than ever available "soon" that indispensable tool for our work.

Regarding the conversion of land for development, AEMC presented to City Council a statement of considerations Totana the General Plan December 16, 2005 where we express the ratio of developable land in question was very low, and that all lands that they had no allocation water from the Tajo-Segura could become urbanized without prejudice to extend this consideration to irrigated areas suitable for residential tourism.

On the possibility of loss of water allocation of the Tajo-Segura, we must say that this should not occur until the day he carried out the planned developments, it is political work so that farmers can have the option to maintain its primary activity of their choice to develop their land, thus leaving the door open to its future.

We consider it of vital importance for the municipality to perform the final approval of the PGMO "soon", since starting to develop a new document would cripple the construction industry and related sectors, further delays would result in an economic downturn social and certainly no one wants for this municipality.

To conclude we wish to express our disappointment about the politicization that is taking all the issues related to the PGMO in the town of Totana, we believe you should not use the General Plan to address the people of Totana, because it is the most direct way that can never arrive at a consensus. "


19/8/2008 Source: AEMCO


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