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 Recommendations for users of rural accommodation and tourist apartments

The Municipal Office of Consumer Information (OMIC) in Totana has offered a series of recommendations to consumers and users of rural accommodation and tourist apartments coinciding with the greatest increase in demand for these types of establishments during the summer.

In the case of lodgings, which encompass the rural inns, farmhouses and cottages for rent on a timeshare, the property must be maintained in a good state of preservation, both in its entirety, as in his installations and counting adequate access and parking close to them.

Also, as basic services should be included in the price the provision of water supply, electricity, heating, hot water and garbage collection.

Also, equipment in the property must be sufficient, and include quality beds and mattresses - not rubber-foam or wool - bathrooms equipped first aid kit.

Also, near the main entrance of users should see the display of a standard plate which is mandatory, besides having a complaints and a list of basic phones with information on environmental hazards and measures relating to child safety .

With respect to the price of lodgings, the owner of the establishment has the right to set prices freely and change previously reported to management.

In addition, about reserves and deposit will be provided in general terms and conditions and failing to the provisions of the parties.

Moreover, as apartments, are considered the blocks or groups of apartments offered for rent, fully equipped for immediate occupation in leisure and recreation.

These tourist facilities will be classified by category of luxury, first, second and third, whose hallmarks are respectively four, three, two and one key, and where you will also need to expose a plate.

Furthermore, other accommodation requirements must have a customer service office for answering phones, luggage, key holding and dealing with incidences of users on the proper operation, maintenance, cleaning and claims, whose existence in the latter case, announcing to the public in a visible and expressed in Castilian, French, English and another language.

As equipment, this type of facility is required to include furniture, crockery, cutlery, glassware, linens, table and toilet and cooking utensils and cleaning will be adequate in quantity and quality in accordance with category.

Similarly, prices for stay shall be freely set by the company and be exposed to the public in a prominent place with the obligation to be submitted to the Tourism Administration who will be served.

Thus, upon booking, the customer may be required advance payment in respect of the signal, to be accredited as done and also, the company must reply confirming the acceptance or refusal., Where if it is affirmative refunded within 48 hours following.

In relation to residence and occupation, it will be just after 17:00 pm and end at 12:00 pm on the appointed day.

Finally, with respect to the obligations of the users, they in turn are obliged to respect the internal regulations of tourist establishments.


17/7/2008 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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