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 Council of Agriculture and Finance in Parliament proposing to subsidize the bills of Property Tax rustic nature of 2008

The departments of Agriculture and Finance submitted a motion in Parliament for the City of Totana a grant equal to the amount of the tax rates on real estate tax of rustic nature of 2008, in order to compensate the taxpayers concerned amounts of the receipts.

Also, through this proposal, also proposed to establish the procedure and mechanisms for the effectiveness of this agreement so as to produce the least inconvenience or procedures to be performed by stakeholders.

The Councillor for Agriculture, John Pagan, argued that "as has already happened in other previous years and due to the effects of the economic crisis, the constant rise in fuel and water shortages have already endemic across the region Murcia and in particular the town of Totana, farmers are suffering adverse consequences with significant economic harm "

In this regard stated that since the central government "still does not solve these serious problems facing agriculture in our region and in particular our town" from the government team "we are committed to providing support from local authorities, helping them to bear its burdens economic. "

Thus, explained that one of the aid would subsidize farmers with properties located in Totana by the amount of the tax to be paid in 2008 in the rustic IBI to ensure that their beneficiaries will be farmers who pay their taxes in our town.

Similarly, stressed the importance of the agricultural sector is already one of the main economic engines of the municipality.


17/7/2008 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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