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 The local police arrested seven people for crimes against road safety during the festivities of Santa Eulalia

Totana Local Police have arrested a total of seven people connected with road safety crimes, three of which were made for driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, exceeding permitted rates;

and the remaining four for driving lacking driving license or being deprived of it.

In addition, they report them to police sources, one of those crowded has been investigated also the owner (holder) of the vehicle for an alleged crime of necessary cooperator.

Also in the afternoon of December 11, one of the Local Police patrols he observed two men pushing a moped trying to start it, noting that none of them wore helmet.

Speaking to them, they fled, being persecuted, and the agents can intercept one of them.

Carried out the necessary investigations were able to identify the other man, so that the two people have been arrested for an alleged crime of stealing a motorcycle and made available to the judicial authority.

Other actions were also conducted, whose most prominent incidents were attended at the request of the neighbors, and among which Aid for theft (2) Relief neighbors injured at home or in the street (2), no Accident wounded (4) Alarms (3), brawls, fights and near-fights (7) and alcohol intoxication (2).

In short, of all police actions carried out during the holidays, the opening of several administrative proceedings for administrative infractions current legislation has been necessary, as processed for violation of the Aliens Act, for being irregular in Spanish territory (Jan. ), for violations of the LO 4/2015 protection of public safety (12), disrespect for law enforcement (3), for use or possession of drugs in places, roads or public places (3).

In addition, others were processed by refusal to identify -desobediencia- (4), for disturbance of public safety at public events (1) and exhibition of dangerous objects with intimidating spirit (seized knife) (1).

Similarly, other disciplinary proceedings were opened by acting against the Municipal Urban Hygiene (3 meet the physiological needs in the street), Noise Ordinance (1 run stereos from vehicles to a volume high with open windows and 2 produce unnecessary noise by misuse or violent driving the vehicle).

Finally, other Procedures were performed against the Municipal Ordinance on animal protection and possession Allowed (1 circular with a dangerous dog without a muzzle, or chain while barking and daunted passers) and to sell Ordinance alcohol (1 to a local by selling alcohol outside the permitted hours) and go against Regulation weekly market (1 unlicensed peddling in the pilgrimage of the Holy).


The local police arrested seven people for crimes against road safety during the festivities of Santa Eulalia - 1

28/12/2015 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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