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 The PSOE said that "in Totana 394 jobs are lost in the legislature"

The PSOE reports that according to data from the Social Security affiliations between June 2011 and April 2015 have lost jobs or 394 jobs.

Affiliations to general system accounted for 41% of total employment, the agricultural system 38%, 20% self-employment and home 1%.

According to the PSOE the destruction of 394 jobs is negative, as it shows that economic activity in the municipality has retreated over the last legislature.

Socialists stand the fact of affiliations to the agricultural system that is 25% higher than the regional average is 13%.

They add that this data is significant because it indicates that the main source of employment and wealth of the municipality comes from agriculture.

For this reason, the PSOE will make every effort to diversify the economy but without forgetting that the sector has given and gives stability to the economy is agriculture Totana, despite the efforts of other parties to impose another economic development model .

As for affiliations to the regime of autonomous activity in Totana it is very similar to the average for the region, which is 19.3%.

The Socialists say in their government program that one of the first measures to be taken if they get the mayor will convene the other parties, employers, trade unions and other social groups to make an employment pact that lays the foundations for a development model diversified economic and employment generator, in order to reverse the current economic downturn.

Also proposed other measures such as the creation of the Employment Cheque and Cheque Training, aimed at the creation of new permanent jobs and the first qualification of unemployed people second.


The PSOE said that "in Totana 394 jobs are lost in the legislature" - 1

30/4/2015 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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