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 The PSOE said that "hides the mayor that the city of Totana is involved"

The PSOE said that "for more than a year ago the city of Totana is" intervened "by the Ministry of Finance, although the mayor first denied and now hidden".

"The best proof of this is that the City submitted last February, the draft budget to the Ministry for prior approval" point from the PSOE de Totana in a statement.

Remember, socialists, that "the city had an actual revenue in 2014 of just over 18 million euros and costs of 29 million euros, generating a deficit of about 11 million euros".

They say that "in this situation the Ministry of Finance, the team which advises them, will cut 2015 spending budget considerably, unless, for reasons of political affinity, want to become accomplices of an economic unsustainability and functional. "

The PSOE is provided to explain the mayor's statements Andrés García in which he said: "The mayor is contracting works and services without knowing whether it will entry in the budget of 2015", "you think that the mayor foolhardy this approving contracts works and services without the 2015 budget approved "or" have adopted works and services contracts and the renewal of others when we are not even aware of what the budget for this year. "

"Because, apparently, his advisers have not explained properly, which undoubtedly has led him to make a statement based on something that our candidate has said," they add.

The PSOE Mayor reminds that "the contract cleaning public buildings was completed on January 27, 2015, that the council of the PP agreed to the renewal on April 6, 2015, and in that period of time public buildings cleaning have continued, with the same workers and business, despite being up the contract, and that the same would have happened in the case of waiting until the next municipal government decision ".

They ask the mayor to "do not handle the neighbors, because, they say, in these cases it is normal to leave it to the next Corporation who made the decision, as Andrés García said."

The Socialists recommend him to the mayor who "engaged in municipal management to take classes instead of trying to give lessons, because their knowledge may not be adequate when it has led to loss of municipal autonomy and the intervention by the Ministry of Hacienda, which until now had never happened. "


The PSOE said that "hides the mayor that the city of Totana is involved" - 1

29/4/2015 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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