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 The Candidacy of Popular Unity "Totana Can" is presented to the elections as "Totana Want TUP"

"Among the many problems that have arisen us when to offer totaneros and totaneras an Entry of Popular Unity, something other than the typical dish of lentils, chickpeas or beans, on Friday, April 17th we were told from CAN National and regional ultimately not could present Groupings of Electors they have in the name the word "may" because the Central Electoral Board's would throw back by too much like the word "we". This affected as important applications such as Cartagena, Cieza, Eagles or Totana.

Looking for an alternative emergency solution, we found that there was a political party called "Totana Union and Progress", which had never been presented to the elections, which had never had candidates, and was formally registered in a timely manner, in the Registration of Political Parties, so it could well be in these municipal elections.

Posts contact your General Secretary, Eva Muniz, received the approval thereof to use the shell Party to present our project Bid Popular Unity, similar to what has been done in other cities nearby city of Murcia where the Candidacy of Popular Unity is as instrumental party, called "Is Now Murcia".

Raised the issue emerged in a meeting with members of the nomination on Sunday the 19th, it was decided unanimously to use the second option in the event that we do not accept the name of Totana Can.

We further agree to change the name of the application, which will be renamed "Totana Want".

Because it's who wants it who can!

Raised the possibility of renaming the "Totana Party Union and Progress" to "Totana Want", we are told from the Provincial Electoral Board that does not give the material time to make such amendments before the elections, so we opted to join the party name, required under the Act, the name chosen for the nomination.

Thus was born, or rather reborn, "Totana Want Union and Progress", or said shorter, "Totana Want TUP".

Because Totana wants, and YOU can. "


The Candidacy of Popular Unity "Totana Can" is presented to the elections as "Totana Want TUP" - 1

27/4/2015 Source: Totana Quiere T.U.P


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