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 Andrés García wants to know if the mayor can guarantee the payment of salaries of public employees until end of year

Andres Garcia, has filed a motion in Parliament in April in which he asks that you take an agreement to guarantee the payment of salaries of employees of the City, and the obligations to Social Security and tax deduction of these workers.

He said he has reached some inside information Hall where the availability of cash at issue from July.

He recalled that in relationships Payments Act requires the Municipal Finance is a priority payment of salaries of staff.

He reported that in the coming months will take place, not only due to the normal monthly payroll of employees of the City Council, but also the bonus that those have to perceive the months of July and December this year.

He added that this is especially relevant now as it soon will face a new local elections, scheduled for next May 24, which will result in a change of Corporation.

He said that, in this situation of political uncertainty, "we believe it is prudent that the current municipal government and take the essential and necessary to ensure compliance with obligations understand essential measures".

Among those obligations is paying the salaries of public employees with the broader ensure the normal and proper functioning of public services and that it is not perturbed ordinary activities of the municipal administration purpose.

The need for such caution becomes even more apparent when we consider the situation of serious imbalance that crosses our municipal treasury right now.

He recalled that, if not taken proper precautions could reach a situation of neglect that could determine which time the amounts needed are not available to meet the next payroll municipal staff, with serious economic damage and staff this may cause those and operation of this Administration.

Finally, he said he has simultaneously requested the Mayor a report of the Comptroller and the City Treasurer to say whether there is sufficient available funds to secure payment of salaries of employees of the City, as well as obligations to Security Social and tax deduction for workers.

He added that it would be very serious that the next mayor encounter a liquidity situation that you can not face these duties essential to the normal functioning of City Hall.


Andrés García wants to know if the mayor can guarantee the payment of salaries of public employees until end of year - 1

21/4/2015 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: / Video: Totana.TV


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