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 Andrés García voted against the General Plan "because it hurts most citizens"

Yesterday, Thursday, one was held at the Confederation of Employers of Totana, electoral debate on the General Plan among the candidates for mayor.

He did not attend the PP candidate that did not justify his absence.

Andrés García said he voted against the provisional approval of the General Plan for two reasons, that hurts most citizens and for consistency, because, he said, the PSOE is the only party that has kept the same approach on the plan in the last 12 years.

He argued that the red line of the PSOE to support the plan was always at the disposal of planning agreements outside the village.

He said that these were made to enrich PP politicians and speculators brought from outside, who have only brought corruption, poverty and economic ruin of the City, which violate the spirit of the new Land Law, its implementation generates a road infrastructure that harms hundreds of totaneros, these will never be developed despite condition the whole plan and that the mayor is hiding the millions that the City will pay to their owners.

He said it is not fair that the new plan harms thousands of totaneros that their properties will lose value to substantially reduce them buildable their homes or lots in the village, or that there is no equity in the rustic land for house building single family first or second residence.

In his last speech, Andrés García, marked the outlines of its proposals to approve a consensus plan.

He said the first step is to ask the neighbors to model town want, that this was done in 2001 with a socialist government and now will again.

That will sit to negotiate openly and with the owners of the agreements outside the village to agree to termination.

There just solutions to fulfill the Law and neighboring rights remain on their homes or buildable lots in the town.

That will legalize all the village houses that have been out of management by the stupidity and negligence of PP.

The plan will allow the construction of houses for first or second residence outside the urban case with reasonable sustainability criteria.

The PSOE commitment residential tourism in an orderly and always based on real demand.

Left explicit support for the residents of Los Sifones those who went to tell them to be quiet because it will re-route of South variant.

Finally, he said he wants a consensus plan.

He's not going to pull the current to the trash, as it did in 2003 the PP, as most is profitable, and who knows that his job as mayor will put all according to a plan that ensures better future for totaneros.


Andrés García voted against the General Plan "because it hurts most citizens" - 1

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