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 The youngest of machining Totana Totana CB premiere on federated competition

On Sunday 25, at 17: 00h took place at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" the debut of the youngest of CB Totana.

Totaneros received Eagles team that showed their superiority throughout the match, but ours, despite the premiere own nerves in the category, got the face, and had fun throughout the game.

From here to encourage all players to continue training with enthusiasm and positive results will soon arrive.

A CB Totana plagued by low gives the face before the leader

It fell 63-56 senior tennis team leader in a game marked by low on both computers

Totaneros presented with only 9 players, 8 after the break, and gave her face against a team with a deeper bench and most experienced in the category.

The totanero team played its cards well, knowing they had to be brave to stand up.

From the beginning of the match ours were concentrated in defense, which allowed them to finish the first quarter ahead on the scoreboard, 8-12.

In the second quarter came cehegineros willing to put things in place, pressing on defense and playing a little faster, but ours reacted and the party entered a give and take, which made the game more attractive.

That came to rest in surprise, 32-33.

In the third quarter, the locals tried to break the game, alternating zone defenses, individual and biasing.

And they got a lead of 6 points that could make totanero presage a collapse in the last act.


But with courage and honor, totaneros got back into the game and put fear in the body to the leader, tying the game at 56 with 1:26 foul.

But in that minute and final average lack of oxygen in totaneros, who committed several errors and were not able to score was noted.

In the end, the rush to cut many free throws gave Begastri, his players took to be a game in which they showed more craft.

Junior CB comfortable victory Totana

The male junior team CB TOTANA, faced on Saturday morning against MAZARRÓN BASKET BAHIA neighbors.

A priori, there must be a difficult game for the home team.

Began premises with a great defense, rebound control and running the fast break with a lot of fluidity.

This was reflected 6 minutes with 12-2.

Mazarrón called timeout to stop the totaneros counterattacks and could in some way.

From here the home team had to contend against a zone defense all game.

The triples did not come with the fluidity we would have liked but the physical domain to the low post caused the differences were gradually enlarging.

The final score was 71-38 for totaneros.

Importantly, the work of some players with a serious job in training are continuously rising in his game.


The youngest of machining Totana Totana CB premiere on federated competition - 1

The youngest of machining Totana Totana CB premiere on federated competition - 2

26/1/2015 Source: CB Totana


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