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 The Socialist Group regrets that the Mayor's priority is to support your paycheck before Holy Week

The Socialists claim that while they continue to pay wages to some workers unsustainable council and councilors, are reduced basic economic support for productive activities of the municipality such as Easter or Carnival

They say the Socialists in a statement that the Administration is dismantling the institutional structure of Totana, among which the Holy Week and the Carnival

For socialists these activities are essential to the service economy of the municipality, who base much of their income on festivals like these.

Remember in the service sector is almost 50% of local unemployment, with more than 1000 people in unemployment and measures such as these threaten many more jobs

The socialists deplore the attitude of the government team that invoking the disastrous previous accounts of the government team, which the mayor was a part, are engaged in cutting all types of services, while on the other hand pay certain workers pay onerous well regarded by the local PP.

Highlights from the PSOE that the salary of the mayor and some city officials, reaches millions annually and figures are a real hole where money is lost every totaneros.

Ask the mayor to reconsider his salary charged to us totaneros and exceeds the 3800 € a month, when we are witnessing a systematic elimination of municipal services, cuts in public services and a steady increase in the municipal Pagamentos .

The Socialists remember his support and the Town Council guilds totanera Easter, when requested months ago that they withdraw the obligation to pay the contribution, which due to the constraints of PP has not been carried out.

Finally the Socialists show their solidarity with the Fraternities and regret that the management team of government will seriously limit the celebrations of Easter, while calling for the reconsider the decision.


The Socialist Group regrets that the Mayor's priority is to support your paycheck before Holy Week - 2

28/10/2011 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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