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 The City Council does not work with any financial contribution to the Fraternities and Brotherhoods of Totana Easter 2012

On October 13, Juan Maria Zamarreño, President of the Illustrious Cabildo Totana Higher processions, held a meeting with the mayor of the town, among other things to learn about the grants and contributions that the council give the sororities and fraternities Totana to celebrate the upcoming Easter 2012, according to the council on its website.

Isabel Maria Sanchez told the president of the council that, given the current economic situation in the Consistory and the austerity measures set for the sanitation of the municipal coffers, not this next year will work with any financial contribution to the guilds and brotherhoods the locality.

The mayor pledged to maintain the cooperation agreement which is signed annually between the City and the Illustrious Cabildo.

Also, the president inquired about the status of the file on attractions and announced the readiness of the band of bugles and drums of the Illustrious Cabildo to participate in events that the council considers appropriate culture.

At the last meeting of council held on Friday, October 14, Juan M ª Zamarreño informed the presidents of sororities and fraternities the decision of the government team not to give any financial side for Easter Totana and invited those presidents and guidelines to work with more enthusiasm, if possible, in the large number of acts and cults that the Illustrious Cabildo of Totana being done every year during Lent and Holy Week.

All aware of the current economic situation, the Cabildo, one of the most important associations of the municipality, work in the coming years in a line of austerity and innovation designed to keep holding numerous events, rituals and processions that have an impact on the fabric associations, commercial and hospitality in order to collaborate, to the extent possible, economic resurgence in the town, without forgetting the most important, maintain the prestige and piety which our Holy Week is a regional and national levels.


16/10/2011 Source: Ilustre Cabildo Superior de Procesiones de Totana


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