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 The GMPP says, "has opted in 2010 to help needy families"

And "for betting on the productive sectors"

The Spokesman of the Municipal People of Totana, Josefa María Sánchez Méndez, made in conjunction with the Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, the Deputy Mayor, Juan Carrion, and more members of the government team, an assessment "of the great work done during 2010 "which" has focused on helping families in need of Totana they see as their economies are torn apart by poor management in the state and go for the productive sectors. "

In this sense, the popular mayor pointed out that "actions during this political year for have been directed to defend in the various forums and policy areas, the general interests of the residents of Totana and the productive sectors that underpin our social economy .

According to PP, "the pillars of action of the municipal government team during the last twelve months have been basically fighting the crisis and employment generation especially in regard to mitigating their consequences and require Zapatero starts to take measures to overcome it. "

In this regard, Sánchez Méndez explained that "concrete steps have been taken in this matter against the ambiguity of the socialist government that serve only to crack the domestic economies Totana families."

"Moreover, the GMPP also worked on the recovery of infrastructure needed to Totana after the cuts applied by the Ministry of Public Works in the National Budget Estado'2011 and that hurts the region more than the rest of autonomy," they add.

In this regard, according to the spokesman of the government team, "have filed motions demanding the arrival of the AVE to the Shire of Guadalentín and in this case, Totana, and has claimed the construction of the third lane of the motorway A-7 to Totana.

Moreover, "the Municipal People's Party has claimed during the 2010 Defense seamless Diversion Tajo-Segura and other cornerstones for the maintenance of agriculture and other productive sectors, after the serious threats that have emerged this year by Government of Castilla La Mancha and the Nation with the development of a law intended to end this infrastructure. "

Sánchez Méndez, recalled that "another line of work has been GMPP permanent claim of the historical debt of the Government of the Nation's neighbors Totana, the City Council of this City."

In this regard, "has worked to try to prevent the Government of the Nation continues to punish unjustly Totana and the whole region, and has criticized the attitude of the Socialists totaneros and Murcia have been more vigilant to defend their interests partisan generals. "

In fact, according to the popular mayor, "there is a full agreement, unanimously, in which for the first time in the history of democracy, the Plenum of the municipal corporation, claiming the Government approved the National debt payment historically the State has with the town of Totana, which is estimated at 25 million euros. "

On the other hand, Sánchez Méndez, indicated that "permanently in 2010, seeing the dramatic economic and financial situation was coming, has demanded a Reform of Local Finance and requirement of Local Finance Law, to the permanent reduction and progressive state funds have been allocated this year for the PGE to Totana and the Region of Murcia. "

In this regard, "have been reported and repeatedly criticized the Government's Office of the unbearable situation being experienced by local authorities, ignoring the vociferous demands that the councils of different political parties have done to address the maintenance of services not within its competence. "

"The GMPP has called for actively and passively to update the population that exists in Totana and the Region of Murcia, which would result in economic and financial treatment for Totana, Murcia equal respect to other regions, and allow us to cope the situation of financial and economic suffocation of the City, "says Mendez.

The popular recalled that "we even planted by stating that we will not continue to provide services that are not the exclusive competence of local government."

In this regard, "has sharply criticized the propagandistic use of the two plans that I have made the National Government. It has been claimed that instead of allocating the use of public resources for this purpose, be devoted to pay suppliers. Indeed, the PSOE de Totana has worked this year to be attributed all achievements of the plans and when they were contrary to the implementation of the chosen works (rural roads and other). "

The mayor of totanero PP has stated that "permanent breaches on Youth and Housing, and has made a fair and institutional protection for the Food City project in the Mediterranean" CIAM "will be installed in Totana, despite all political criticism that have emerged since the opposition groups. "

Moreover, according to Méndez Sánchez, "has criticized the inaction, lack of presence and inactivity of the opposition groups in their social and institutional events affecting the City of Totana, while other campaigns have promoted radical attack, clashes , libel and slander. "

Also, the popular mayor has regularly denounced "the policy of raising taxes and tax the National Government at this time of crisis and suffocating families and SMEs, and there have been campaigns to collect signatures and information contrary to the rising IVA (VAT No More ") compared to the campaign has promoted the GMPP lowering wages of public office and trust staff and officials in the city of Totana.


The GMPP says, "has opted in 2010 to help needy families" - 1

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