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 Students Aikido Club refined martial art techniques

Students of Aikido Club Totana have perfected the techniques of the martial art through the course taught by the teacher Fernando Valero Cardona, 5 th dan aikido and 3 of Iaido, recognized as one of the best national experts in these disciplines, according to the Club in a statement.

The course was held at the School Board, where weekly classes are taught aikido, Monday and Wednesday from 20:00 to 22: pm.

The seminar was very interesting as the work proposed by Fernando Valero was aimed towards the technical development, both in managing the Bokken (wooden sword, the Katana Japanese metaphor) that ultimately is the origin of Aikido.

Also, students honed his technique with the Jo (staff oak 1.28 cm) stick usually carried by the pilgrims, similar to that usually takes the Jacobean route for centuries, and is used both to support walking, as a defensive weapon if necessary.

From here once Totana Aikido Club collaboration wishes to thank the Department of Sports and the City of Totana and of course to all participants and also encourage all concerned to come to visit us and try this wonderful martial art.


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19/10/2010 Source: Club de Aikido de Totana


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