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 The Socialists denounced "the brutal increase in water consumption in the Polideportivo Municipal"

"Although the sports council said it was going to use the pool water to water the natural grass football field again, the fact is that consumption has increased by 33% over last year between the months of May and September, "they say from the PSOE in a statement

For the PSOE "the nonsense that is a natural grass field in an arid climate like that of Totana, it has become glaringly obvious after meeting the drinking water in the Municipal Sports Centre last summer."

According to the Socialists have been told, "the water meter of these municipal facilities decrease in consumption of 6,600 m3 of water, equivalent to quarterly consumption of 150 houses."

Also ensure that "this river of water consumed is one third more than was consumed in the same period in 2009, so that the city is not just preaching to the example of the control and savings of a scarce resource as water drinking. "

The PSOE are convinced that "the whim of the council Valverde turned against him eventually because it is incoherent to wasteful investment, and the exaggerated expenses, in anticipation of possible equipment rentals to foreigners who can come to train and leave a few crumbs in any form, netted more than 60,000 € per year that involve the maintenance of the system. "

They also claim that "it is an elite soccer field that is not open to the use of Totana sports clubs, but, as presented by the council, it seems that this is a business rather than municipal expected dividends where the subject of sports policy in our town should be to support grassroots sport and club initiatives. "

The Socialists denounced "the systematic lies of Valverde said the field is going to irrigate with drinking water and pool water, when the consumption figures show that the council has made a fool of the neighbors and has some occurrences that are going to pay very expensive among all. "

Finally require the mayor to "put the brakes on its economic extravagance also in sports, because the consequences are still the abandonment of support for clubs and privatization of services, with the repercussion of higher rates, costs and fees for neighbors and users of the facility. "


The Socialists denounced "the brutal increase in water consumption in the Polideportivo Municipal" - 1

18/10/2010 Source: PSOE Totana. Foto: archivo


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