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 The City Council shows its solidarity and support to the company "Moyca" after the fire of part of its facilities

The mayor of Totana, Andrés García, on behalf of the entire municipal Corporation and the citizens, has shown a message of solidarity and support to the fruit and vegetable company "Moyca", located in the fourth phase of the industrial estate of this town and one of the most important of the municipality for its turnover in the market and number of jobs it generates, after the fire that destroyed part of its facilities last night, specifically, a warehouse.

The alderman has had words of tranquility before this difficult situation after a long night in which there were moments of tension due to the threat of fire to other spaces of the company's facilities;

and thanked all the staff of the emergency and security services for their work during the early hours and much of this morning.

The first mayor is committed to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs owners, entrepreneurs and innovators of reference as few in the field of production and marketing national and international table grape, to streamline bureaucratic procedures to rebuild the ship damaged and resume the activity.

In addition, he stressed that, within the misfortune, this event will not slow down the progressive business development of this important factory;

and has stressed that only material damage has occurred that can be restored in the future and there is no need to regret any personal damage.

Once again, he reiterated his commitment to help the company from the institutional possibilities of the City Council to advance in the early reconstruction of the installations damaged by fire to resume the activity as soon as possible in the face of the imminent campaign this summer, in which more than 1,500 jobs are generated employing residents of Totana and its region, he said.

The fire is already controlled

The fire has been maintained, and controlled, until this morning in an agricultural ship in Totana in what is the second major fire this week in the Region.

The emergency services will continue working this morning on the extinction of some flames in a warehouse located in the El Saladar industrial estate, which apparently stores material for the packaging of agricultural products, after receiving several calls alerting of the low visibility in the A7 because of the smoke.

The fire was recorded yesterday Friday at 21.40, at the facilities of the company "Moyca" located at the height of 608-610 kilometers of the A-7.

Firefighters of the Fire Fighting Consortium have worked all night and at 8 this Saturday the fire has been confined, although it is still active and a relief has been carried out to continue with the extinction.

In the place there is a team consisting of a sergeant and nine firemen.

The fire brigade of the Consortium, given the characteristics of the fire, had to request support from other parks.

In the work of extinction have contributed endowments of the parks of Alhama de Murcia, Lorca and Molina de Segura with a sergeant, five corporals, ten firefighters, who have deployed three mother vehicles, three vehicles of extinction, two vehicles equipped with articulated arm, a headquarters and a logistic support vehicle.

Local police and Civil Protection of Totana, who has deployed eight volunteers with two vehicles, also came to the site.

The general director of Citizen Security and Emergencies, José Ramón Carrasco de la Sierra, activated the Territorial Plan for Civil Protection in the pre-emergency phase as a result of the fire.

The mayor, Andrés Garcia, and the first deputy mayor, Juan José Cánovas, the councilor for Security and Emergencies, Agustín Gonzalo Martínez, among other local authorities, moved to the place.

Given the poor visibility on the A7 due to the smoke, the Civil Guard had to be requested to cut the highway in the section that goes from the El Saladar industrial estate to Lébor.

The traffic was diverted by the old national N-340 during the hour that lasted the traffic cut, which could be restored at 00.25 hours.


The City Council shows its solidarity and support to the company "Moyca" after the fire of part of its facilities - 1

7/4/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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