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 The PP denounces the lack of commitment of the municipality of Totana with small businesses and merchants associations

The City Council has not reported or offered technical assistance to the Associations of Retail Merchants, on the subsidy that can be availed and that have been launched from the Autonomous Community since last December.

The Popular Party denounces the lack of interest and commitment of the City of Totana with the small commerce and the Associations of Merchants.

On December 28 was published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia the Order of December 26, 2017 of the Ministry of Employment, Universities and Enterprise, which establishes the regulatory basis for granting aid to Federations, Associations and Entities that integrate several Associations of Retail Merchants, destined to finance actions and investments for projects of attention to the client and for commercial promotion.

Whose call was published on December 30 of that same year.

It is unprecedented that from the Department of Commerce of this City Council has not been brought to the attention of the interested parties, in this case of the Associations of Merchants of the Municipality of the aids that can be accommodated, taking into account that these helps can provide financing to promote their businesses, and that next March 9 the application deadline ends.

From the Popular Party and at the time that the publication of said call was known, the two existing associations in the municipality were contacted so that they could, with the necessary time, work in the achievement of said aid.

We have been reporting on the help that can be obtained and the steps that must be taken to access them, which are focused on the achievement of;

FOCUS customer service project, aimed at getting to know its associates the most innovative experiences, techniques and procedures put into practice within the retail sector by both professionals and leading companies, such as Conferences and workshops for customer service and workshops and communication skills workshops.

Commercial promotion actions that may consist of Celebration of information activities and commercial orientation, Implementation of the trademark and Organization and assembly of events for commercial promotion and animation of the point of sale.

Therefore aid based on carrying out actions and investments for customer service and commercial promotion, in order to improve the quality of the service provided, commercial innovation and provide the sector with greater productivity and competitiveness.

From the Popular Party and in order to transfer the best information to those interested, we have met with the General Director of Commerce, Consumption and Administrative Simplification, Francisco Abril, who has made all his support available to the Associations of Merchants of Totana. and help to submit your applications.

We want to show the great work that is carried out by the Merchants of the municipality, but we know that it is not possible that this work is as fruitful as possible if they do not go hand in hand with the Administration, and especially with the nearest administration how is the City Council.

Therefore, we demand that the Government Team put in place the technical means available to help the Associations of Merchants who are interested in working to obtain financing for their commercial promotion projects.


The PP denounces the lack of commitment of the municipality of Totana with small businesses and merchants associations - 1

7/2/2018 Source: PP Totana


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