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 The City Council strongly condemns and rejects the latest case of sexist violence registered in Guadix (Granada)

The City Council strongly condemns and shows its institutional rejection in what allegedly could be a new case of gender violence in Spain, in this case, in Guadix (Granada), in what would be the fifth mortal victim of sexist violence in which it goes year.

The Civil Guard has arrested this past Sunday a man, a resident of Guadix, a town in Granada with just over 20,000 inhabitants, after having confessed that he murdered his wife, who has not been reported to have filed a complaint of abuse.

Apparently, at dawn on Sunday, they had a discussion that ended in crime, a death by blows to the head.

In the absence of definitive confirmation by autopsy, everything seems to indicate that he assaulted her with a hammer.

The corpse of Pilar Cabrerizo has been transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Granada awaiting an autopsy.

In her declaration before the honorable woman, the alleged murderer indicated that, after killing her, he had moved her to a nearby place, where he had buried her.

On Sunday afternoon, after seven, barely a kilometer from his home and next to the train tracks, in the neighborhood of La Estación, the agents found the body.

Pilar Cabrerizo, 57, died as a result of numerous blows to the head.

The woman had received her daughter's visit on Saturday night.

After midnight, the daughter left the house.

His partner, 73, went on Sunday afternoon to the barracks of the Civil Guard in the city to report the disappearance and ended up declaring himself guilty of the murder of his wife.

According to the Andalusian Institute for Women there are no previous reports of abuse.

Pilar Cabrerizo was a native of Granada.

He had four children.

She was divorced for years, according to various sources, from her first partner.

The facts have been unleashed after this man went to a quartering of the Civil Guard to report the disappearance of his wife.

Given the shortcomings of his story, the agents decided to accompany him to his home, where they saw signs of a possible violent incident.

The man ended up confessing that he had killed his wife, after which he accompanied the agents to the place known as 'El diente y la muela', where he had buried his body.

Hours before, the daughter had raised the alarm in social networks asking for citizen collaboration for its location.

The confessed author of the crime, of 73 years, remains in dependencies of the Civil Guard and it is foreseeable that it does not happen until tomorrow Tuesday at the disposal of the Court of First Instance and Instruction 1 of Guadix, which is the one that is taking the cause to be the competent in matters of gender violence.

From the totanero Consistory emphasizes the need to work together to stop and end this social scourge so it insists on the need to raise awareness from education to avoid behavior that incites inequality between men and women.

Against gender violence we have to make a common front of "Zero Tolerance";

because not only do we have to remember the people who die murdered at the hands of their partners, but also all those who suffer every day in their homes any kind of physical or psychological violence.

That is why we must continue to insist on prevention campaigns from all areas of society so that there is no need to complain about cases of gender violence.


The City Council strongly condemns and rejects the latest case of sexist violence registered in Guadix (Granada) - 1

5/2/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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