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 The IES «Prado Mayor» celebrates the feast of its patron, San Juan Bosco, with a large number of activities

On January 26, at the Prado Mayor Institute, a large number of recreational-educational activities were held on the occasion of the celebration of their patron's day, as reported by the teaching center in a statement.

The day began at 9 o'clock with the exquisite chocolate that the Parent Association of the center subsidizes, and which was prepared by the bartenders of the Prado Mayor.

With this chocolate the new location of the Institute canteen was officially inaugurated, and the entire educational community celebrated it in style.

At the same time, a large number of students, were in the Biology laboratory, participating in various experiments, which allowed him to get a little closer to the knowledge of his body: blood group, Rh factor, blood glucose level, blood pressure ...

The Department of Mathematics organized its already known mini sudoku contest in which numerous ESO students participated.

In order to relate the pottery tradition of Totana and the classical world, the Department of Latin and Greek developed a pottery workshop in which the students of the center, adorned pieces of totanera pottery, with images of Greco-Roman mythology, using the image transfer technique.

The Dept. of Personal Image, organized a workshop of braids and changes of form.

The workshop was a success, with a large influx of visitors.

The Department of Physical Education proposed a table tennis and another futsal championship.

Among all the students enrolled, a group was organized with eliminatory rounds, until classifying the first three that received a medal.

The Dept. of Physics and Chemistry organized a video conference with the doctor in Physics and Professor of the "School of electrical and electronic engineering" of the University of Manchester, Mr. Joaqun Carrasco Gmez.

The talk was about showing how science serves as a basis for technological development, and in particular, its relationship with electronics and robotics.

In the last part, attendees were able to pose questions to the speaker.

Another novelty in this year's activities has been the competition of chin-ups (arm exercises in suspension), and the calisthenics workshop (physical exercises focused on the movements of muscle groups, to develop agility, physical strength and flexibility ).

This activity was coordinated by the student Jaime Martnez of 4ºESO-Z.

From the Dept. of Religion, an Exhibition of Posters was organized throughout the center, in which nearly 200 students participated, to make known the figure of Saint John Bosco and his important role in the future of Education.

From the Department of French, a dynamic and lively workshop of Pilates and Aerozumba was organized, which was developed in the central courtyard of the Institute.

The Department of Geography and History organized the "Totaneros por el Mundo" contest, in which the students put their geographical knowledge to the test.

The Department of Music, organized the traditional Karaoke Contest along with the Freestyle contest "Battle of Roosters", which began as a novelty last year, being its second edition and has been gaining followers.

There was a significant number of participants in the Karaoke with a very varied style of songs, chosen by them and in several languages.

As for the "Battle of roosters", several students of very different ages, played for couples with courage, respect and wit their verses in rap style that did not leave anyone indifferent, and even less to the same jury.

From the Department of Technology, a contest of Mechanical Prototypes built by the students was organized;

and building construction contest, which prevents an egg launched from 6m high to break against the ground.

The Dept. of Drawing organized a photographic marathon, in which the students could apply the multiple knowledge and techniques that they have been acquiring from the Area of ​​Plastic and Visual Expression.

In the Story Contest, the theme chosen by the organization was "The Monster", in homage to "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, which this year celebrates 200 years and is considered the first science fiction novel in History .

The presented works surprised by their quality and the prizes were given to the stories «The French sniper», «The beast without name» and «The monster».

And as a culmination to a day full of activities, students, teachers and administration and services personnel, they shared a giant paella in the central courtyard of the Institute.

The paella was prepared by the bartenders at the center, Agustn and Reyes, along with their team of chefs, and tasted by everyone.

San Juan Bosco was one of the great giants of Education of the nineteenth century, who dedicated his life to education and vocational training for children and young people.

His life is full of actions, gestures, words, works, ... that undoubtedly continue to serve as an example for all students who study in this Institute.

In San Juan Bosco, students can find the reference model and the pattern to follow and imitate, in their arduous, but rewarding, learning task.

They collaborate in the elaboration of this chronicle:

Marisol Garca, Inmaculada Yllanes, Ana Dougnac, Francisco Andreo, Juan Ignacio Beltrn, Beln Lpez, Ana Beln Gonzlez, Fernando Martnez, David Enriquez, Mª Jess Garca, Joaqun Martnez, Javier Betanzos, Sergio Martnez, Paqui Tejero and Diego Jess.



The IES «Prado Mayor» celebrates the feast of its patron, San Juan Bosco, with a large number of activities - 1

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