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 Firefighters put out the house fire in Totana

Firefighters from the Consortium for the Extinction of Fire and Rescue of the Region of Murcia have intervened to put out the fire declared in a house located on C / Ibiza de Totana.

Several calls to the 1-1-2 RM Emergency Coordination Center indicated that a house was burning in Totana, without specifying which area was affected by the fire.

According to the callers, the occupants of the house (a two-story building) had been able to leave.

Immediately they have gone to the fire Local Police of Totana, Firemen of the CEIS and an ambulance of Service of Emergencies of Totana.

Towards 20:41 hours, the Cabo de Bomberos of CEIS reported that the fire, which affected the housing of the first floor, was controlled.

The fire has completely burned a room in the house when a mattress is burned.

The affected person, a man whose personal data has not been disclosed, has been treated in-situ for smoke inhalation poisoning, refusing to be transferred to a health center.


Firefighters put out the house fire in Totana - 1

12/1/2018 Source: 112RM


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