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 Finance highlights the efforts made by the City Council during the month of November to redirect the economic-financial situation

The councilor of Finance of the City of Totana, Ana María Cánovas, highlighted the efforts made by the Consistory totanero in the last weeks of November to redirect the economic-financial situation and get on the path of stabilizing the debt.

Among these, the mayor has underlined the final approval of the 2017 municipal budget and the signature of the financing to deal with the debt with the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla and the withholdings of the Payment Funds to Suppliers that are being deducted from from the years 2012 and 2013, respectively, and that do not suppose an increase of the debt, according to has specified.

The mayor has shown his satisfaction with the approval of the municipal budgets of 2017 in a definitive way, which were published in the BORM last Friday, despite the discrepancies with the main opposition party, the PP.

In addition, the councilor of Finance has announced that his department begins to work on the preparation of budgets for the year 2018 that, as explained, "will continue with the serious and rigorous line that has marked the current municipal government team."

In this regard, Canovas has estimated the budget at 29,860,168.62 euros, which will cover the necessary expenses to maintain the provision of municipal services and staff costs;

and has specified that they are budgets that at no time are overvalued, neither in income nor expenses, because it deals with the budgets that the Totana City Council needs, given its economic-financial structure.

In relation to the allegations presented by the Popular Group to the general budget of 2017, the mayor has indicated that these have not been taken into account because "they do not comply with the law, nor technical or political assessment."

Likewise, it has highlighted the approval by the Ministry of Finance and Public Function of the financing to cover the debt with the Commonwealth of the Taibilla Channels amounting to 4,851,069.10 euros, as well as the operation to formalize on loan the amounts corresponding to the years 2012 and 2013.

Ana María Cánovas recalled that these amounts were requested by the previous PP Government team to the Ministry of Finance without loan formalization for the non-approval of the Adjustment Plan, consequences that have led to be paying interest on 5%, and that with the new refinancing will be 1.002%.

The councilor of Finance has reiterated that in no case is talking about an increase in municipal debt, but it is another way of managing debt and where we find savings of more than 1.2 million euros only in interest.

In addition, has specified that we must add that the income we receive from the State will go to 534,519 euros every month, compared to the 265,031 euros we are receiving from the beginning of this term almost all monthly payments.


Finance highlights the efforts made by the City Council during the month of November to redirect the economic-financial situation - 1

28/11/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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