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 The educational community of the CEIP "San José" organizes the I Interscholastic Orientation Seminar

In the event will participate students of the fifth courses of Primary Education of all schools in the municipality of Totana and Aledo

The educational community of the CEIP "San Jose" of Totana has organized the First Interscholastic Orientation Day to be held on November 17, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the vicinity of the school as part of an educational project and interdisciplinary that has involved the students of the sixth year of this center through cooperative learning, in collaboration with the teaching staff.

The director of the teaching center, Juan Martínez Vázquez, the Councilor for Sports, Isabel María Molino, and three school spokespersons for the rest of the students have presented in the hall of the school the characteristics of the project that will culminate with the celebration of this sporting event and of coexistence.

The project has been carried out from the area of ​​Applied Knowledge and Physical Education, and has had the collaboration of tutors and teachers of these subjects.

In the sports event, students from the fifth year of Primary Education will participate in all the schools of the municipality of Totana and Aledo;

and it is an orientation day in which ten routes have been designed (from A to J) in spaces surrounding the school and Las Cabezuelas.

Each participant will be able to carry out all the trips that he can during the time that the activity lasts and then he will be able to enjoy a refreshment thanks to the sponsors that the promoters have obtained, in this case, the companies "Jospan Los Arcos Bakery", "Hero" and "Aquadeus".

For the organization of the meeting, the students have had to work, together with the help of their tutors and professors, in an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary way, several subjects of study.

In this sense, it has had to use diverse computer applications, applying the knowledge of the areas of Language (writing of mails and permits, contacts with sponsors, etcetera) and Mathematics (preparation of budgets), cooperative work and development of the citizen participation (function of sports volunteers), among others.

This initiative, which is born with a vocation of continuity for the next school years, aims to enable a day of coexistence and enjoyment of this sport;

and to inform the students of Totana about the facilities of the school and the neighborhood of San José.

Likewise, the students have appreciated the inestimable collaboration of the whole educational community of the school and of the Physical Education teachers of all the centers of the municipality, as well as of the Orientation Club of Totana.

Likewise, they have thanked all entities, sponsors and sponsors for their help in making this event possible: "Hero", "Aquadeus", "Mobel", "Sports Mill", AMPA of CEIP "San José", "Mapeando", "Automobiles Galera", Collective for Social Promotion "El Candil", "Jospan Los Arcos Bakery", as well as Totana City Council, Local Police and Civil Protection.

Finally, they have invited the public to the event and have apologized in advance for the inconvenience that may be caused as a result of the organization and celebration of it during this day.

The councilor congratulated and thanked the educational community for its involvement in this interscholastic activity;

and it has encouraged them to continue in that line of innovation and educational promotion that is worthy of choice.


The educational community of the CEIP "San José" organizes the I Interscholastic Orientation Seminar - 1

7/11/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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