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 Ganar Totana is adamantly opposed to "strangulating" the Industrial Estate with operations such as the Commercial Park project "that we understand speculatively and without consistency"

On August 14, 2017, Ganar Totana submitted a brief of allegation to the Public Interest File: "Announcement of request of declaration of public interest for the implementation of a commercial park, in Dip. La Ñorica, Paraje El Saladar", because we consider that "there are several blocks of parcels of urbanized industrial land in the polygon, and that the concession of Public Interest Declarations in the vicinity of the same is harmful, given that with these facilities both the general interest and particular interests that should be protected are harmed by the Public Administrations. "

It would not be fair to grant the Public Interest taking into account all of the above, as well as that the facilities located outside the Industrial Land would make use of the urban services (sewage network, potable water network, electrical connection, telephony, access roads to the facilities, etc.) of the Polygon, which would mean discriminatory treatment with respect to the owners of real estate located within it.

Owners that with the purchase of their plots or with the participation in the urbanizations by the corresponding urban system have paid the cost of each and every one of the services that said properties enjoy.

From Ganar Totana, we strongly oppose the "estrangle" the Industrial Estate with operations that we consider speculative and without consistency.

Since the beginning of the activity in "El Saladar", we have always opted for a model where the General Interest prevails, in a space where, over the years, many public resources have been invested for its implementation, and on which they depend Many companies and workers.

"We are very clear about our position in the defense of equal rights in our Local Trade, where small, medium-sized businesses and businesses have their space to remain an important economic and employment engine in our municipality."

We want to clarify that we do not oppose a project with these characteristics or anything against the initiative.

But we consider the Public Interests above the individuals and grant the Social Interest in this case and with these conditions, it would be a very serious prejudice for the Industrial Estate, the legitimate interests of owners who have already paid for essential services and severely curtail the growth of the Polygon in that area and for local commerce that employs thousands of people.

In any case, we agree with the development of a Partial Plan that justifies the benefits and burdens to be taken into account in the capital gains generated with this operation.

Without these guarantees, it is still a speculative movement at the expense of Public Interest, which we are obliged to defend above all else.


Ganar Totana is adamantly opposed to "strangulating" the Industrial Estate with operations such as the Commercial Park project "that we understand speculatively and without consistency" - 1

6/11/2017 Source: Ganar Totana IU


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