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 The Department of Education will again offer the program "Know your town hall" in the 2017/18 school year

The Department of Education will again offer the program "Know your town council", an initiative that intends to offer to the schools of Totana, within its schedule of extracurricular activities, possibility that the students of Primary Education can visit the main consistorial building.

The visits are attended and guided by municipal technicians, and during the same the children will be able to know the different dependencies of the Town Hall, the main services and its history.

The technicians accompany the students during their visit to the plenary hall, the municipal archives, the Mayor's Office and other interesting departments;

where they will know the operation of the local Administration and the works that are carried out there, as well as other anecdotes of interest.

The 4th, 5th and 6th grade Primary School students know firsthand the development of the plenary sessions and the work carried out by the members of the Municipal Corporation, since the visit will conclude with a reception from the mayor in his own office.

Visits are made, accompanied also by the teachers will be on Fridays during the remainder of the school year, and have a duration of approximately one hour.

To participate in this activity it is necessary, already started the course, to make an appointment through the Department of Education (968/41 81 51, extension 0238).

The objective of the program "Know your town council" is to bring the students to the municipal institution and is suitable for students who are working in the area of ​​Social Sciences, and oriented to learning and review concepts such as the municipality, city councils, elections municipal and electoral processes, democracy and political parties, the work of councilors and mayor, among others.

The intention is that participants can also identify and know the concept of locality and the different types that exist, differentiate and identify the different types of neighborhoods and elements of the streets;

to know the structure and functioning of the local government and the services it provides and to develop citizen awareness habits related to road traffic, such as pedestrians and as users of transportation and other services.


The Department of Education will again offer the program "Know your town hall" in the 2017/18 school year - 1

4/9/2017 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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