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 How to travel safely with a dog

Christmas celebrations are approaching and during these times, many people are traveling.

For those with your pet, a list of tips on how to travel safely with a dog may be helpful.

Here are some tips to facilitate the holiday season if you want to travel with a dog.

1.- By plane


The documentation depends on the airline, the destination and the age of the dog.

But in general these are the necessary ones:

Immunization record.

(Remember to have a copy always on hand)

Certificate of animal health in original and simple copy, issued by a veterinarian, with a date of issue less than 5 days to the initial date of the trip.

Official Health Certificate

If you need certificates attesting to your therapeutic or working functions (guide dogs, emotional support animals, assisted therapy)


The measurements depend on the airline, the destination and the dog size.

But overall you can rely on these details to choose one for a dog "documented" or that shares space with the suitcases.

Must be rigid in structure

The total weight is a sum of the weight of your furry and the carrier together.

Must be waterproof, well ventilated on all four sides and free of objects that could hurt your pet

With anti-leak lock

Puppies under eight weeks old will not be accepted (on most airlines) due to the risk of dehydration during transportation.

Females with lactating, pregnant and non-weaned animals will not be accepted

The dimensions of the container should allow the pet to move freely inside, to stand, to rest in its natural position and to rotate freely on its own axis, inside the cage.

Measures required by carrier:

Mascot on board: Weight: 7 kg (pet + cage).

Conveyor: maximum 48cm long x 30cm wide x 25cm high.

Documented Mascot: Weight: 10 kg (pet + cage) or pay extra for extra weight.

Carrier: that the dog can stand comfortably and from 10cm to 15cm of leftover above the head.

Mascot on board: Weight: 10 kg (pet + cage).

Carrier: Maximum 40cm long x 30cm wide x 23cm high.

Documentary Mascot: Weight: Up to 50 kg (pet + cage).

Carrier: that the dog can stand comfortably and with 10 cm of surplus above the head.

Mascot on board: Weight: 10 kg (pet + cage).

Conveyor: maximum 44 cm long, 30 cm wide and 19 cm high

Documentary Mascot: Weight: 45 kg (pet + cage).

Conveyor: Less than a linear 158 cm

2.- Travel by car

Use a safety harness or car baskets

Carry toys to keep you entertained

Carries portable containers to feed when needed

Use seat covers to protect your car

Use prizes, necklaces, sprays or natural soothing supplements to keep your furry relaxed

Use barriers to divide your space

Carry bags to pick up your things

Always wear it with a necklace and insert in case it is lost


30/12/2016 Source: CTN


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