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 Alfonso Cayuela gave a lecture on "THE CONTENTS 1207"

On Friday May 13 the conference on "THE CONTENTS 1207" given by Alfonso Cayuela took place in Totana, in the Auditorium of the Center for the Third Age.

Alfonso tried to master a difficult issue to address in this town and in this country.

This is the process that resulted in the shooting of eleven people, just three months after the end of the civil war.

Alfonso faced the explanation without revanchism, providing documents and data;

explaining the historical moment: weapons proliferation, columns of soldiers going to the front, the organization of the people, with rationing to cope with hunger.

He did not forget the republican terror that led to seven deaths and when control ceased after the first few months of the war was restored.

They were presented the most representative people, several mayors, militants or leftist organizations responsible for the war;

highlighting the person Ambrosio Lopez.

the approximate location of where the bodies are calculated.

Approximately on the street S. Roque and would coincide with the outside of the wall of the cemetery at that time and then filled, without removing the bodies and graves were built on top.

It had an impact on the legal inconsistencies of the process, where the judge exceeded the penalties the request of the prosecutor;

where the main argument of the prosecution was to "aid to the rebellion," the world upside down.

the diabolical process of "guarantees" was analyzed, whereby the defendants to provide guarantees of citizens of the people who dared excused who were asked?

Alfonso showed that it was an exclusively political process whose sole purpose was to suppress those who had meaning, instil fear and repression begin with a firm hand and widespread fear.

It is noteworthy that at no time was cited by the rapporteur, to any other person involved in the process and its desire for coping with the problems and the ghosts of the past involves the closure of the wound.

To end the placement of a commemorative plaque in the place that are supposed to be executed eleven was announced.


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21/5/2016 Source: Centro Cultural y Obrero


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