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 More than a year of waiting for a surgical operation

At the beginning of August I went to my family doctor with a nail on the big toe, something harmless, which despite the initial treatment does not cure.

A month later I go back to my family doctor and he tells me that the solution is that I am referred to a Surgeon so that through a small cut he will cure my discomforts that I have been unable to play well since early summer.

We remind you that we are in Health Area III, and that according to SMS data, the average surgical waiting time is 51 days.

Well, my surprise comes when my appointment is scheduled for November 10, 2020. More than 400 days of waiting until I can be treated.

It is not a serious case, I do not ask to be treated the next day, but it is possible that if I do not go to private media I can have complications with this finger and this cause me sequelae.

When I inform myself, I see that according to RD 25/2006 of March 31, the maximum period for my consultation is 50 calendar days and 150 days in case of second appointments, but not at all close to the 400 days assigned to me.

And while the regional government debates on vain issues, the lack of health personnel leaves us with situations as irritating as this.

They have robbed us of public health, and they force us to have to pay these things, which at least affect me in my day to day.

From Totana we have to fight to be in equality with the rest of the region in services, and not be far from the modern facilities of other areas and their services.

I hope that my complaint has reached Dña Catalina Lorenzo Gabarrón and take note of the real situation of some of the users that this depressed system has.

Does Fernando López Miras Isabel Franco Diego Conesa Óscar Urralburu have anything to say?


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9/10/2019 Source: @ismaelwing94 / CTN


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