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 A dozen activities make up the ambitious program "Totana Verano 2019", which will last until September

A dozen activities make up the ambitious program "Totana Summer 2019", organized by the Youth Council with the collaboration of associations and groups, and will last until next September.

The Councilor for Youth, Inmaculada Blázquez, presented the list of activities offered and gave an account of the characteristics of each of them.

The first one is the Summer Camp in Sierra Espuña that is held, as always, in the Nature Classroom of Las Alquerías, and includes a program composed of various activities to get to know the natural and cultural mountain area.

During these days, from July 25 to 31, participants enjoy their encounter with nature, making an orientation tour with compasses, maps and beacons, gymkhana of environment and adventure activities.

In the camp they make zip lines, rock climbing and Tibetan bridge, excursions, action games in the forest, water gymkhana, workshops, swimming pool, night activities, fair in the camp, among others.

This is aimed at children born between 2005 and 2010 and has a quota of 310 euros;

counting with the organization of the Association EcoespuñaLa Hojarasca and the collaboration of the Tourist Association of Sierra Espuña.

Those interested can register online at

Another important activity is the Summer School, in which the participants enjoy recreational activities, educational reinforcement, plastic expression workshops, games, excursions and creative workshops, among others.

Participants are children enrolled in the second cycle of Early Childhood Education (3-6 years) or Primary Education (6-12 years), and is held in public schools Santiago and La Cruz during the last week of June, July and August , Monday to Friday from 9 to 14 hours.

It also exists to have a time extension from 8 to 9 hours and from 14 to 15 hours;

and the quotas are the following: week of June (28.50 euros / week), fortnights of July and August (57 euros / fortnight) and the full month (114 euros / month).

An activity already traditional in the last years of the program is the Creative and Fun Cooking Workshop, where children between 3 and 12 years old, prepare creative and healthy eating recipes, playful-festive activities, craft workshops, activities didactic around healthy eating, traditional games and water dynamics.

This workshop is held from June 25 to 28, from July 1 to 31 and August 1 to 30, at the Socio-Cultural Center "La Cárcel";

from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

The fees are for the week of June (20 euros), full July or fortnight (110 or 55 euros), full August or fortnight (105 or 53 euros), weeks (25 euros) or single days (5 euros).

The registration period is until June 21st or the places are covered (phone numbers 660244671-690080970);

and is organized by the Leisure and Leisure Association "La Caja de Pandora".

The program includes another Summer School this year, called "Unmissable on Vacation", organized by Imperdible Social Association at the Tamil Social Center Camilleri, in which participants perform educational reinforcement, outdoor games, creative workshops, play activities or excursions, among others.

This is aimed at school children aged 3 to 12 and is celebrated from June 25 to September;

from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., with even morning service.

The registration period is until June 20 for the months of June and July;

and until July 26 for the month of August.

The fee amounts to the week (30 euros), the fortnight (58 euros) and the full month (115 euros);

You can make the reservation in the phone 643 90 13 or in the email

Once again, one more year, the Course-workshop of Plastic Arts, Painting and Sculpture is offered, aimed at children and young people who show a special interest for these artistic disciplines.

This is aimed at people from 10 to 16 years old and is celebrated during the month of July at the Sociocultural Center "La Cárcel", from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

whose quota amounts to 90 euros a fortnight and includes materials.

It will be taught by Noemí Arnao Molina, licensed in Fine Arts, and is organized by the Cultural Association "Caja de Luz", whose information can be collected on the phone numbers 676 764 748-659 949 937.

Another classic is the VI Archaeological Field in the site of Las Cabezuelas, in which for this edition the activity has been planned from two areas: restoration and consolidation of structures and direct work with materials extracted during the excavation campaigns.

The participants are young people from 16 years old, and students of History or related disciplines will have preference.

It is celebrated from July 22 to August 2, at the site of Las Cabezuelas and the old Technological Crafts Center;

from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

whose quota is free and is organized by the Association for the Social and Tourist Promotion "Kalathos".

This program includes the organization of a trip to Moratalla, with the Route through the lavender fields of the Campo de San Juan de Zaén, bathing in the Alárabe river and the rise to the natural pool of Somogil.

This activity is aimed at adults and minors accompanied and will take place on July 21.

The minimum number of places is from 30 people and a maximum of 55 people.

Registrations can be made until July 16, with a fee of 20 euros, and is organized by the Leisure and Leisure Time Association "La Caja de Pandora".

Also on August 18, the traditional Descent by the Segura River will be organized, from Cieza to Blanca, a rafting trip in a canoe or banana boat;

and after the bathing descent in the area of ​​river plaza.

It is aimed at adults and minors accompanied -preferably Totana-;

and a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 55 people;

with a fee of 23 euros adults and 20 euros children.

The registration place is until August 13 and is promoted by the Leisure and Leisure Association "La Caja de Pandora.

Finally, as in the last editions, a trip to the Feria de Albacete, declared of International Tourist Interest, will be organized, in order to spend the day enjoying the activities that are scheduled in honor of the Virgen de los Llanos, as they are concerts, theater, battle of the flowers, horseback riding, dances of La Mancha, among others.

You can also enjoy the impressive decoration of its fairgrounds and tasting the varied cuisine of its booths;

and children can enjoy the children's fair with attractions, puppets, children's musicals, storytelling and theater.

The trip will be on Saturday, September 14, and the fee is 20 euros, and must be registered until September 10, organized by the Leisure and Leisure Association "La Caja de Pandora".


A dozen activities make up the ambitious program "Totana Verano 2019", which will last until September - 1

A dozen activities make up the ambitious program "Totana Verano 2019", which will last until September - 2

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