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It seems that as the municipal elections approach, the "goodness" of some of our representatives, basically the most veteran ones, is coming to an end, in which, except on rare occasions, they can not be repressed and answered with outbursts;

Its primary objective is to always remain as victims instead of executioners, which is what they really are.

We refer to our municipal representatives of ALL and ALL political signs;

if there is any doubt, those representatives, who do not represent us, because they do not defend the interests of citizens, unless they coincide with those of the party apparatus.

Those representatives who "quasi" demand the congratulations of the citizens for doing their work, without understanding that they are our employees, that we pay their excellent salaries, and we must demand an adequate dedication and efficiency.

Those representatives, who lie shamelessly, handling the famous phrase attributed to Göebbels, "a lie repeated a thousand times becomes a truth", with which with the "Reich" on fire and the "Wehrmacht" receding on all fronts, he still managed to make large sections of the German people think that victory was possible.

Yes, our representatives lie again and again, each one according to the dictation of their organizations, and with the pretension sought to obtain revenues before the opponent.

Our representatives, are snake charmers who abduct deceits and lies, well-meaning people who believe they represent them, people to whom they ask for little less than gratitude for their efforts, forgetting that this is their job, but unlike of other workers, even doing it manifestly wrong, they continue telling us that the wrong ones are us, their bosses, and that we owe them little less than homage.

Wolves with lambskin, to which, as in the case of the canid, their survival depends on their being able to make meat, and in this they are inflexible before the slightest sign of weakness of the political opponent, disqualifying, humiliating, threatening until bending your interests or that you desist from your intentions.

Many of them are condemned in trials unknown to most of our neighbors, sentences in which we are disappointed about their immaculate management, some economically supporting the party apparatus in Murcia, others seeking personal economic benefits, or with the taking of moral hostages by the Favors granted.

Now some of us believe that they come to collaborate, to pacify, to dialogue, they see the duster, they do not deceive us, and we will try to deceive our neighbors no more, and although we are the last to enter, we will remind them of the beautiful theme " Insurrection "of The last of the row, in which you can hear" Where were you then, when I needed you so much? ", To make matters worse, the album on that theme was Enemies of the Other.

Paradoxes of life.

And what is the model advocated by the Now Totana Platform, it is very simple, a model where it is at the service of the citizen, where our Autonomous or National parliamentarians, have in our locality hours of attention and take the proposals of the neighbors to the parliament, and not only appear, like Guadiana, in the moments in which the "renovation" of its office approaches, during inaugurations, or to preside over processions.

The model of the Platform is a model of real transparency, a model formed by people with resolved lives, and not professional politicians, with an interest in climbing or perpetuating themselves in the position.

In short, a model of SERVICE TO THE CITIZEN.


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2/2/2019 Source: Ahora Totana -Plataforma Civil-


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