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 Juan C. Carrillo: "Let's call him selling smoke, that lying is very ugly" "Mr. Mayor called me at the last full LIE when I said that I was not allowed to register motions"

I stopped registering motions since the "interpretation" of what was a motion changed after 40 years of "democracy", following a report requested by the Secretary of the City Council to the legal services of CARM.

From then on, it turned out that, above all local matters, since it is the direct competence of the Mayor, instead of a motion to demand compliance and be fully voted, it should be done by means of a request.

That is to say that local issues can not be submitted to the plenary session and the solutions remain at the discretion of the Mayor.

Said by the Secretary himself and not by this Councilman.

So after "throwing myself" back 6 motions, I decided to take another work strategy.

Now I am not going to call Mr. Mayor LIE, I was taught a long time ago that it denotes bad education, to call someone a liar and even more so when there is no proof of that affirmation.

But with this reversal of the burden of proof so "fashionable", the one who has to defend himself is me and justify why I'm not lying.

I am going to "remind" Mr. Mayor about his "star achievements" during the middle of his illegitimate local legislature and of which, in two, I witnessed his negotiation skills.

Mr. MAYOR says:

"If Rajoy and the PP continued to govern in Spain, the railway line would not have been changed, the high-voltage line would be under construction and the irrigators of El Raretro and El Paretón would have run out of water."

1. The layout of the AVE has not yet been changed nor are there serious news or signed commitments.

Moreover, the Government Delegate himself recognizes on a local TV that the situation was "quite entrenched".

It does not say that the motive is the bad management that is done on the part of Mr. Mayor at the return of the meeting in Madrid with ADIF when they are called from the Plenary Hall "rapists of women and children" to the technicians of ADIF among other niceties, nor the bad management of town planning and its Councilman in relation to what happened in the famous meeting of the Polygon.

In all these dates the PP governed at national level and the will to be understood from the local government, was rather zero.

It was interesting, of course.

Until ZPedro arrived at the Moncloa on horseback of the motion of censure.

2. That I know until less than a month ago the high voltage line is still projected and there was in the same ADIF meeting in Madrid, agreements were reached to try to solve the issue and when Totana collapsed, neither was nothing.

Witness the own representative of the affected ones.

If something has changed, neither does Mr. Mayor explain it in this statement to this day.

3. On the issue of water and legalize land in the Raiguero it turns out that after the planetary event that took place before the Christmas holidays in the Plenary Hall that President Pedro Sánchez did not go to on behalf of the PSOE and ... to the opposition that was not invited to receive such lofty authorities.

The irrigators do not have any written commitment or deadlines or anything that seems to him that of signs of definitive solution to his problem.

They only ask from the politicians to those affected trust, faith and wait.

As with the transfers, it will be ...

In all the statement of Mr. Mayor do not see a single documentary evidence or statements from higher instances in writing that give real solution to the aforementioned political commitments.

You should be careful Mr. Mayor with these releases, lest someone think it is a LIAR or as the elections are approaching lightly, they are starting to launch by some smoke cans like the ones I threw in my military era to mislead the "enemy".

I can only say yes.

That these are the great achievements of his illegitimate government of the last two years that I have lived as Councilman and what can be summarized in something very simple.

Sell ​​smoke to the totaneros ... and the totaneros, of course.


Juan C. Carrillo: "Let's call him selling smoke, that lying is very ugly" "Mr. Mayor called me at the last full LIE when I said that I was not allowed to register motions" - 1

4/1/2019 Source: @concejalcarrillo


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