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 Javier Conesa will be the new parish priest of Aledo

Javier Conesa Carrillo, the current parochial vicar of the Parish of Santiago el Mayor de Totana, will be from January the new Parish Priest of Santa María la Real de Aledo and San Miguel de Zarzadilla de Totana.

This has been confirmed today during the mass of 12.

Javier, who is in the position of parish vicar since September 2017, will be replaced by José David Solano, who was ordained a priest yesterday at the parish of San Francisco Javier-San Antón de Murcia.

Francisco José Fernández García, Parish Priest of Santiago el Mayor de Totana has shown his deepest gratitude "for these 15 months with you in Totana, for the year of deacon in Mazarrón and for the stage of formation in the seminary, for your pastoral zeal, closeness and deep intimacy with God, of which we have been blessed, and the Lord precedes you in your new destiny as parish priest of Aledo. "

"I congratulate and welcome the new priest who was ordained yesterday and appointed as coadjutor of this parish community: José David Solano (Pepe), blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord," he adds.


Javier Conesa will be the new parish priest of Aledo - 1

Javier Conesa will be the new parish priest of Aledo - 2

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