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 2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2

Intense game of Totana Promises at the home of the CTT Altaea leader who does not let up and ends the first undefeated round.

They played Pedro M. Ruíz, Santiago and Julián Méndez and the locals did Marc Morera, Fernando Serrano and Raimon Abellán.

The first point was for the totaneros.

Marc Morera was overtaken by Pedro with his offensive game.

Serrano tied the game by overtaking Santiago, who managed to get the advantages of two of the games.

The next point was one of the keys to the development of the meeting.

The local Abellán started very safe, just the opposite of Julian.

But with the development of the meeting the thing was changing and the 2-0 went to 2-2 with spectacular points.

In the fifth game equality until the end but again Abellán scored for his team.

Serrano and Pedro also played a game with big points.

The player of the Altea was put ahead and Pedro equaled but the two following games again were for those of house with which the general marker in 3-1 was put.

Morera had the opportunity to close the match but Julian this time from the beginning was with intensity and good winning 0-3 and putting the score at 2-3.

The final point for the locals was made by Abellán who won 3-1 against Santiago, who again played on a streak.


The next league day will be until the second week of January in which the two Totana teams of this group 8 of 2nd National will face each other.

The Totana TM and the Totana Promises.

The match will be on January 13 at 10.30 am at the Manolo Ibáñez Pavilion.



Comfortable victory of Totana B at home to the ninth-ranked team of El Palmar.

Mariano Tudela started by beating David Belmente who despite his defeat was good and managed to win a game.

Alejandro also scored this his first point 3-1.

Mañogil scored the first game but then the totanero improved.

Pedro José Sanchez and Pablo Montesinos reached the 2-2 and in the fifth game was the totanero who knew how to solve with what the general score was very face for the Totana B 3-0.

Alejandro also scored his second point when he overtook David Belmonte who was good again and forced the fifth game.

Mariano, again very sure, won again.

Montanos discouraged did not put up much resistance and the match was put in 5-0.

The last point was for the visitors, Pedro José won the first game with comfort but after Mañogil reacted well he scored the following three leaving the overall score at 5-1.


The next day of 3rd national will be after the Christmas break.

The Totana B will have its party back at home on Saturday 12 at 5 pm against the Best House Calasparra team.



On Saturday the 22nd, the first autonomic league began, in which the Escuela Totana School team participates with the smallest members of the club.

This first day was played in Mazarrón for which Cesar Tejedor, Víctor Vélez and Alex Martínez moved to play their first official league matches with the club.

A match won against the team of the Cartagena Club School 4-2 and another lost 2-4 with the team of the School of Murcia is the balance of this first day in which the three totaneros players were in a good line.

The next concentration of this category will be on January 19 in which our team will face the Mazarrón club team.


2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2 - 1

2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2 - 2

2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2 - 3

2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2 - 4

2nd national: CTT Altea 4 - Totana promises 2 - 5

24/12/2018 Source: Club Totana TM


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