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 â‚¬ 7.399 is the average rebate that totaneros buyers demand when buying a house in the municipality

The homes in Totana were sold on average by 5.95% less on the offer value in the second quarter of the year, estimating at 7.399 € the average discount that can be required for the purchase of a house in the municipality, according to was able to establish PriceHouse after its last study of the price of the house, in which it has analyzed the average difference that takes place between the price offered initially and the value of the houses (GAP) to determine the average reduction that takes place during the process of trading.

Thus, according to the latest update of the price of the 11,820 homes that make up the residential park of the municipality, prices that Priceviviendas makes available to all totaneros for free, the company determined that the price of housing in Totana has been revalued a 3 , 21% in this second quarter and has found that the average home in the municipality has 112 m2, an age of 26 years, and an average price of € 117,036.

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Priceviviendas uses big data technology to make available to everyone, in one click and free of charge, the price of all existing homes, not just those that are for rent or sale.

Thanks to the use of advanced data analytics, the platform allows immediate consultation of the fair value of 20 million homes throughout Spain (except for those located in the Basque Country and Navarre) and upon request of the user the homes of the rest of municipalities.

Only those homes considered as very unique have been left out of the study.

Priceviviendas, is the only website on the market that uses a system for calculating the value of homes whose reliability is certified, the TasaValua system, which since January 2014 has proven its reliability through the certification of the Department of Statistics and Operational Research I of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Complutense University of Madrid.


€ 7.399 is the average rebate that totaneros buyers demand when buying a house in the municipality - 1

22/10/2018 Source: Agencias / Foto: archivo


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