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 The three municipal groups raise a joint motion to the October plenary to recognize November 17 as International Student Day

The three municipal political groups in the City of Totana have raised a joint motion to the October plenary in order to recognize November 17 as the International Student Day;

and that, through the Department of Education, the participation of students is encouraged in the educational centers.

The motion of the PSOE groups, Ganar Totana-IU and PP proposes that the Department of Education conduct a campaign aimed at students in which they report their rights and duties;

and a study is made on the demands of the students of the different educational centers and they are sent to the competent body to solve them.

In addition, it is advocated that from the Department of Education prepare some training so that municipal school counselors and center can perform their work properly.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is also urged to update the student places in the School Council of the Region of Murcia, which have not been updated for 17 years.

In the joint motion, the Council is also requested to modify the composition of the school councils established in Decree number 120/1999 of July 30, 1999, which regulates the structure and composition of the School Councils of the Community. Autonomous Region of Murcia and that the student sectors, teachers and families have the same number of places in these bodies.

Memorial day

The celebration of International Student Day will take place on November 17, a day that was attributed to students in 1941, at the World Council of Students, held in London in commemoration of the Nazi assault in 1939 at the University of Prague during the demonstrations convened for the murder of medical student Jan Opletal and against the occupation of Czechoslovakia.

This situation led to the execution of nine student leaders, the sending of some 1200 students to concentration camps and the closure of Czechoslovak universities and colleges.

Since then it was kept on November 17 as the International Student's Day.

From several European, national, regional and municipal student and youth organizations, in this case more specifically the Student Association of IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorniú (ADEBI) demand that public institutions recognize this day through an institutional act.

Also, from this association, they defend that, in spite of the fact that the student is the central axis of the educational system, nowadays it is not part of the decision-making that affects it;

In addition, in the organs that participate together with the rest of the educational community, they do not have enough representation.

The best example is the School Board: in the case of the Municipal School Council and the center, students have 3 places while parents and teachers have 6 places, which causes a comparative grievance among the members of the educational community.

According to the motion, on many occasions, students do not have representation because the people who hold that representation do not exercise it since they are not aware of the importance of these bodies since they have not been trained and that means they do not know the functions and how decisions made there can affect them.

In addition, these positions should be renewed every two years to make more students participate in this process and to be able to have a better representation of the students, these positions should be assigned proportionally to the student organizations of the corresponding level ( regional, municipal or center) to ensure that the largest number of students are represented, indicates the same proposal.

On the other hand, they find themselves with the students' own organs such as the Board of Delegates, which are either not directed by the students, which causes many times that they are deprived of dealing with issues that affect them, or even that the decision that they take is conditioned by a factor external to the interests of the students.

Therefore, they believe that, in the current situation, a student association is the best tool to represent the needs and demands of students since it is the only organization that is completely managed by students.

Likewise, they believe that students who do not have civic and ethical values ​​training, and who do not participate in the democratic processes that are held within the center, will not behave as good citizens and therefore are not active subjects in the defense of their rights and in the promotion of values ​​such as tolerance, inclusion, democracy, equality, feminism, equality between people of other collectives such as LGTBI, etcetera.


The three municipal groups raise a joint motion to the October plenary to recognize November 17 as International Student Day - 1

22/10/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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