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 The City Council appeals to citizen awareness in the responsible use of water and moderate and rational consumption during this summer

The Department of Water, Sewerage and Purification recalls a series of recommendations to promote among citizens the moderate and rational consumption of water for this summer, especially as a result of the state of the marshes of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation as a result of the lack of rain and in order to avoid future restrictions in the supply service.

The City Council insists on requesting users responsible use in the provision of watering gardens and the use of swimming pools especially at this time of the year in second homes that are occupied in the summer by the residents of Totana and that require greater demand of this resource in summer time.

In this way, the City Council is informed of a set of daily measures that can compensate the lack of rainfall in recent months and ensure the supply of water for these months of summer.

Water is a scarce resource, a value that is being quoted on the rise, so to use it rationally is an obligation of all citizens to ensure a more livable world for future generations.

These recommendations to the citizens of Totana will allow them to save water, as well as reduce the cost of their bills, such as closing the key to pass the house, as the difference is not appreciated and a large amount of water is saved.

It is preferable to shower than to bathe, because you can save about 100 liters of water, as well as turn off the water tap in the shower when we are lathering and when we brush our teeth, since you can save between 10 and 20 liters.

It is recommended to use the dishwasher or washing machines only when they are full, and to urgently fix faucet and pipe faults, since a leaky faucet can lose up to 30 liters per day.

In case of washing dishes by hand, it is advisable to do it with the tap closed using a pile to lather and another to rinse.

Other recommended measures are to water the plants in the evening to avoid losses due to evaporation and to place diffusers in the faucets of the house to make better use of the water, reducing consumption.

It is also advisable not to wash the car every week, and when it comes to washing it, resort to a self-cleaning station because it saves more water, pulling the chain only when it is necessary and placing a bottle inside the cistern are other recommendations.


The City Council appeals to citizen awareness in the responsible use of water and moderate and rational consumption during this summer - 1

26/6/2018 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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